You Vote On 'Dirkie' In Mavs 101, Houston 91

The Mavericks dumped cold water all over the Rockets and strolled away with one of those wins in which the final score, 101-91, in no way illustrates how thorough a domination it really was. Win streak is at six and counting and with yonder gold statue of Our Dirk mid-One-Legged-Fadeaway, we have rewarding to do. What say the community? Because you are the ones who vote for 'The Dirkie'!

    Player of the Game, Mavericks v. Rockets ... vote here at Boards!

Jason Kidd -- lovely brain produces eleven assists

DeShawn Stevenson -- ten points plus toughness

Brendan Haywood --6 points, 10 boards, zero mopery

Dirk Nowitzki -- 20 and 10 double-double

Caron Butler -- 19 points on 8-14

Jose Juan Barea -- please let the slump be broken

Shawn Marion -- 14 and 10 double-double

Jason Terry -- dunk!

Brian Cardinal

Dominique Jones

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