Be Like Ro With 'Reunion Rowdies' Shirt!

It was the '80's. You never quite started that band. You never quite got that girl. But you can still get the "Reunion Rowdies'' t-shirt. It's brand-new and brand-old at the same time. What does that mean? Ro knows.

Maybe you were among the "Reunion Rowdies'' or maybe you just want to be. Both are permitted.

Lucy Ewing slept with this shirt. (And with everybody else.) Mark Aguirre's space-clearing butt wants in this shirt. And if you want to be among the legendary "Reunion Rowdies,'' you are in the club, along with ...

The iconic hero of the "Reunion Rowdies'' himself: Ro Blackman. Ro is the first reader to order his "Reunion Rowdies'' shirt.

How would you like to be the second? Go get it right now in the Store!

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