MAVNALYSIS: How This Mavs' D Ranks All-Time

How for real is the Mavs' "night-night'' defense, in terms of opponents' field-goal percentage? Only one of the best it's EVER been in the history of the Dallas Mavericks franchise. In this MAVNALYSIS, we do the research and present our findings:

"The difference,'' says Mavs coach Rick Carlisle, "is the defense.''

Personally and philosophy are involved in Dallas' ability to make opponents go "Night-Night'' as happened in Sacramento on Saturday. And obviously, a specific defensive difference is opponents' field-goal percentage.

So far this year, the Mavericks have held opponents at or below 40-percent field-goal shooting six times in 20 games.

How many times have the Mavs held their opponents to 40-percent FG percentage or under in the previous seasons?

2010-2011: 6

2009-2010: 11

2008-2009: 13

2007-2008: 20

2006-2007: 18

2005-2006: 17

2004-2005: 19

2003-2004: 10

2002-2003: 23

2001-2002: 11

It's early. And the likes of tonight's AAC visitors, the Warrriors (a team that shoots 45.3 percent, led by guards Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry, each in the 49-percent range) can ruin this. But if Dallas can continue this current defensive pace, the Mavericks would register an all-timer: 24 games of giving up 40-percent or less.

Now to the 43.1 percent shooting allowed by the Mavs through 20 games. Guess what? That's also a stellar pace.

How does the current overall opponents FG percentage compare to other Mavs top seasons over the last 31 years?

1) 2010-2011: 43.1% (through 20 games)

2) 2002-2003: 43.8%

3) 2004-2005: 43.8%

4) 2000-2001: 43.9%

5) 2005-2006: 44.3%

6) 2007-2008: 44.3%

7) 2006-2007: 44.7%

8) 1998-1999: 45.0%

9) 2001-2002: 45.2%

10) 2008-2009: 45.5%

Once again … an all-timer.

Jason Terry tells that one of the Mavs'goals is to hold foes under 45-percent shooting. That's a lofty target.

But considering the fact that the number is presently 43.1 percent … and that 40 percent allowed is such a frequent occurrence … "all-time best'' seems well within reach.

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