Thursday Morning Donuts: 1 Win From .500!

Kim Kardashian dates a former Mav … Want to see the Mavs franchise reach a milestone? Tonight's the night! … Some props to visitor Avery Johnson … Time to make the Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: The Climb-to-.500 Watch is on … and isn't it interesting that Dallas can (finally) get there as a franchise in a game played tonight against a coach that was so key in helping the climb?

The Mavs' all-time current record is 1,224 wins and 1,225 losses. The winning percentage is .499.


Now, just so you know how Dirk is: Dallas' record (pre-Dirk) was 585 wins and 891 losses, a winning percentage of .396.

Tonight should be the night. To .500 ... and beyond!

Avery Johnson gets kicked around pretty good around here. But check those numbers and tip your cap. The Lil' Johnson wasn't Dirk. But he did his part to help Dallas get to .500.

I hope he does his part tonight, too.

DONUT 2: Kim Kardashian strikes again.

Reggie Bush? Out. Miles Austin? Out.


Former Mavs heartthrob Kris Humphries, now toiling for the Nets?


DONUT 3: The boys at Boards have done it again.

A nickname for French big men Ian Mahinmi and Alexis Ajinca?

"The Eiffel Towers.''

(Sefko apparently tossed out "The Stifle Towers.'' Also nice.)

DONUT 4: A trio of weird stats from the Golden State game


*Dirk had just two rebounds.

*Until 32 seconds left in the game, Kidd was scoreless.

*I swear if we did a full film review, we'd see that Ajinca didn't have two blocks – he could've been credited with four.

DONUT 5: You still want Chris Paul? Of course you do. Problem: The NBA's ownership takeover of the not-completely-healthy franchise probably puts a freeze on such transactions.

Now, maybe CP3 could eventually throw a tantrum that could lead to his escape. (Chris Paul would meet with Chancellor Stern to demand a trade? Interesting.) But remember how this worked when Major League Baseball took over the Montreal Expos?

Everything went on hold.

So if you are looking for movement from the Hornets, don't look for movement of a player.

Instead, maybe, look for the movement of the whole franchise.

DONUT 6: Want an illustration on how Summer League and D-League ain't the NBA?

Look no further than the ends of the respective benches at the AAC on Tuesday.

Down at that end? Rookie DoJo in street clothes. … taking a break from participation with the Texas Legends.

Down at the other end? Rookie Jeremy Lin of the Warriors, a Mavs "discovery'' who Dallas hoped might land in Frisco … but who instead is a "hometown hero'' in the Bay Area who watched Mavs beat the Warriors and recorded his eighth DNP of the year.

DONUT 7: It's Night at the Mavs! We'll get together at the AAC on Tuesday, Dec. 28 … It's Raptors at Mavs, and when you visit The newly re-opened Store to order


We'll get you two t-shirts, two tickets, the meet-and-greet and an entry in a drawing to win four-packs of tickets to more games, including Mavs-Thunder and Mavs-Blazers! C'mon!

DONUT 8: I don't know much about Dave Wannstedt at Pitt, or how important the annual losses to West Virginia are, or what the expectations are overall at the school, which has just dismissed him as the coach.

But I know Dave Wannstedt, and the man is a rock.

I'd hire him to do almost any job, at any time, in part because as soon as he finished his morning Mass, he'd be at work.

He's a grinder, a ball guy, a loyalty guy and good guy, Wannstedt.

DONUT 9: Casey Smith with the Tyson Chandler props!

You know Casey. Well, you've seen him. Baby-faced, curly brown hair, roaming the Mavs sideline in his duties as the team trainer.


But according to an email from Mavs owner Mark Cuban to FanHouse, Casey also deserves credit for background-check stuff that led to the acquisition of Tyson Chandler.

"Our trainer, Casey Smith, deserves all the credit," Cuban wrote. "He worked with (Chandler) on Team USA (last summer during the FIBA Tournament in which the Americans won the gold medal) and was able to provide us insight into his leadership abilities. ... We had heard some good things about him from the World Championship team and that started the ball rolling (in the trade discussions).''

So. … thanks, Casey Smith!

DONUT 10: Let me throw a bunch of connection stuff at you in one spot:

Three great ways to stay in touch with what the heck is going on around here: Boards, Mavs coverage on Twitter, and Friending Fish on Facebook. Come say hi. I seem nice.

Got all that?

DONUT 11: What happens when an NFL team goes to an interim coach? Well, maybe it doesn't alter the Super Bowl odds in BetUS or anything. But right now, Denver is a 5-point fave over Arizona, Minnesota is just a 2-point underdog to the Giants, and Dallas is just a 3-point underdog to the Eagles.

DONUT 12: I mean no disrespect to anybody who envisioned Rashad McCants someday moving from Frisco to Dallas with no sidetrips to the Nut House in between.

But I never saw it. … and I started to never see it as soon as the McCants Camp expressed "confusion'' over how he was going to be a Legend instead of a Mav.

Dear Reader, the only "confusion'' resulted from McCants having one too many spokesmen, one too many agents … and all the involved fellas not being on the same page.

When that mess occurred, I made up my mind: I'll believe that Rashad has it all figured out when somebody from the Mavs says something wonderful about him.

Never happened. So … no disrespect, but I was fine letting Rashad McCants be somebody else's problem.

And now it looks like he'll be covered by or whatever.

DONUT 13: Mike Tyson, Sly Stallone and J.C. Chavez have been inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame. Hey, whatever you gotta do to stay relevant – and to get your sport a much-coveted Donut.

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