We Listen In On Mavs-Nets In Quoteboard

The Mavs still put the Nets away but good, 102-89. That makes it 11 straight. Let's go listen in. Quoteboard!

The Return of Avery Johnson . . .

"I got to shake his hand and hug him before the game. I actually thought it would be even a little more emotional. But it subsided as we got into the flow." -Jason Terry

"It was pretty emotional. A lot of friends and family are here . . . Dirk came over and said hello before and after the game, Jason Terry and I had a chance to visit with Mark after the game and a lot of people that meant a lot to me both as a player and a coach." -Coach Avery Johnson

Regarding Devin Harris, who left in the first and didn't return (he fell and hurt his shoulder) . . .

"It didn't feel good. One part of my body that I wish I couldn't hit was my left shoulder . . . I was going to try to give it a go, but Coach thought otherwise." -Devin Harris

About JJ Barea and his 13 assists . . .

"Yeah, J.J. had it going on. He was doing a great job of getting to the paint, creating for others, and I'm definitely proud of him." -Caron Butler

"He has a very good floor game -- 13 assists is probably a season high. If we could I wanted to try to get Jason Kidd a light night on minutes and JJ allowed us to do that and that was a plus." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We have so many great shooters-- Jet, Dirk, Caron Butler, anybody. Shawn Marion was running today. So I was just trying to push the ball, attack, and then find my open teammates and it was working out tonight." -JJ Barea

Best bench in the NBA?

"You have to say that. We're definitely deep. And guys are defining their roles more and more as the season goes on, and getting more accustomed to their roles so it's going to be scary." -Caron Butler

Eleven in a row and counting . . .

"Well, give the credit to the defense. That's something we've honed in on since training camp. And we're doing a great job of capitalizing on that opportunity of playing home games and winning home games. And we've still got a couple more here so we'll try to keep the streak going." -Caron Butler

"It's great ball movement, that's what we need. The more we move the ball and and help each other, the harder it is to guard us." -Shawn Marion

Mutual professional respect . . .

"They are tough, they are tough. Just when you think you got them, you know Dirk will hit a big shot . . . They know what to do. They mix in their man, they go to zone a little bit and throw that curve ball on you." -Coach Avery Johnson

"You've got to get credit to New Jersey – they did a good job and they kept coming at us, and they kept coming at us, and they never quit." -JJ Barea

Final words on tonight . . .

"We made it a little harder on ourselves there in the second half. But, at this point we'll take a win and get ready for a big game Saturday." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We can play better and we are going to have to play better on Saturday." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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