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Welcome to the Game Havens Alley-Oop! -- DB.com's exclusive inside look at your sports-and-technology world. … and today, a look inside Mike Fisher's living room.

Our plan: We'll cover your big screen while Fish covers the big game. We'll figure out if Fish will look good in HD on the FS Southwest studio shows. And we'll give you tips on updating your family room, media room and game room before all those BCS bowl games, the Super Bowl, March Madness and the Mavs playoff road.

Recently, Fish invited Game Havens into his home for a little technology upgrade. He wanted something with a little more impact in his living room while watching the Mavs, the NFL, Inception or one of his favorite chick-flicks (he's a sentimental at heart). As an interior technology designer, I'm always looking to blend or hide technology in the beautiful décors I find in people's homes. We like to think of ourselves at Game Havens as problem solvers, overcoming various technology or construction obstacles encountered in our residential and commercial audio-video projects. Upon entering the Fish family room, we discovered a beautiful décor and some of those wonderful obstacles.

TV Over The Fireplace. Fish has a nice 50-inch plasma over the fireplace in the family room. And comfy furniture and that special warm and fuzzy appeal that makes you want to get invited over more often. But he was missing something important that we all enjoy on game day or movie night in the family room: surround sound effects and a little boom. While a fireplace TV installation provides for a very clean and space-saving look in your family room, it doesn't always provide the best backdrop for true surround sound. With windows flanking either side of the fireplace, no place to install in-wall speakers, and free-standing speakers unacceptable in such a beautiful living area, a lot of people simply avoid surround sound all together.

The perfect solution for any fireplace or TV cabinet where you don't want unsightly bookshelf speakers is the Bay Audio Custom LCR Speaker Bar. Most speaker bars you find in consumer electronic stores are inexpensive lower quality audio products. They try to solve a problem (like the fireplace TV installation), but they often lack in audio clarity and power. And they look uneven installed under a flat-screen TV in the family room or master bedroom.

San Diego-based Bay Audio solved all those problems, making a perfectly-fitting LCR (left, center, right) speaker bar for any size and model TV (40-inch or bigger) that looks like it is a part of the TV. The three speakers inside the LCR bar are from their 900 series speaker family – very high-end quality speakers with amazing clarity and great overall sound captivating the family room audience. Now we're creating impact! Sitting in Mike's family room, listening to Lord of The Rings, I noticed how the sound was leaps and bounds better than any built-in TV speakers and a different audio quality than those less expensive consumer-based speaker bars in the stores. I also noticed how comfortable Mike's sofa was, but determined he really didn't have eight hours to watch the entire trilogy with me.

Tim Duncan Falls Down. The final audio obstacle we had to overcome was the placement of a subwoofer, providing that little boom needed every time Tim Duncan flops to the floor or Bruce Willis blows up something. Now, this is a family room, not a dedicated media room or game room, so something a little smaller and more subtle was in order. Marcia ruled out anything that looked like a giant cube sitting in her family room (even if we offered to put a cushion on top so the kids could vibrate during the movie). With two exterior walls and a lot of open space, the only location for a Fish subwoofer was in the ceiling. The Bay Audio in-ceiling subwoofer would blend in with the Bay Audio in-ceiling rear surround sound speakers, making for a clean installation and solving some installation problems.

The Special: LCR Bar & Mavs Tickets. The Bay Audio Custom LCR Bar retails for $1,899. Remember, there are three high-end speakers inside to take care of your left, center and right surround setup, and these are the three most important speakers in your room. Game Havens is offering the DallasBasketball.com readers a special promotion the month of December, just in time to upgrade your family room listening experience before those 35 Bowl games start. We have lowered the price of the Bay Audio LCR Bar to $1,699 and are including two Lower Level Dallas Mavericks Tickets plus Free Delivery. It's above and beyond what has ever been offered on the exclusive Bay Audio speaker line, but that's why we are your technology insider! For more information on the Game Havens LCR special or tips to updating and upgrading your family room audio-video, contact me, David Teel, at david@gamehavens.com or on my cell at (214) 636-1984. In the meanwhile, I'll be watching a Lord of The Rings movie marathon for the next eight hours, just not at the Fish house.

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