Mavs-Jazz, And Fans Get To Pick 'The Dirkie'!

The Jazz have been coming back from double-digits all season. From a certain point of view, their slow erosion of Dallas's early 25-point lead isn't surprising. But the Mavs finally put Utah out in the cold, 103-97. We got a pretty gold statue of the greatest Mav of them all doing what he does, and it is for the best player on the floor tonight. Your pick. So pick.

    Player of the Game, Mavericks v. Jazz

    ... Vote for The Dirkie!

Dirk Nowitzki -- is it too early to chant MVP?

Caron Butler -- sixteen points and awesome face

Jason Terry -- huge three to finally put it away

DeShawn Stevenson -- 5-9 from the floor for 17 points

Tyson Chandler -- six points and nine boards

Brendan Haywood -- two points and five boards

Jason Kidd -- nine dimes

Jose Juan Barea -- foul generator

Shawn Marion -- defensive pest

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