Check Out The Trust Factor: Mavs Quoteboard

Guests shown the door and 12 straight wins and a tie with Boston for second-best record in the NBA. ... and Mavs Quoteboard! (And read between the lines for the trust the fellas seem to have in each other.)

About the blazing hot start -- Dallas opened the game shooting 11-12 . . .

"Those things never hold up-- I was with a team in Indiana that got off to a 35-8 start in Utah one time and Utah came back to take the lead and we ended up barely winning." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"How do you maintain a start like that? Our starters got off to a tremendous start. It was tough. Playing a team like Utah, you got to be tough. The game got more and more physical." -Jason Terry

"It was an unbelieveable start . . . 3's were going down that didn't even touch the net." -Dirk Nowitzki

"They hit their first, what eight, nine shots? Our defense wasn't as good as it should have been. A lot of their shots were tough shots, but they came out with a lot more energy than us. It felt like they just wanted to blow us out of the game early." -Deron Williams

Regarding DeShawn Stevenson, who scored 17 on 5-9 shooting . . .

"I was just catch and shooting. I work a lot with Rick. But I just work hard and keep shooting." -DeShawn Stevenson

About Jason Terry, who was on the floor to end the game even though he was having a bad night up until then . . .

"I give Coach Carlisle a lot of credit. When he easily could have gone with somebody else, he stayed confident in me." -Jason Terry

"The stuff that we do down the stretch in games, Jet is just so important to it. And I believe in him. I just believe in the guy." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think that's the right move by far. Even if I had it going -- no disrespect to myself or anybody -- that's the right move." -DeShawn Stevenson

On the kill shot -- Dirk had the ball, drew a double-team, passed it to Terry in the corner, Terry shot and scored three with 7.9 seconds left . . .

"I told Dirk a couple possessions earlier that I'm in the corner, ready. I know my spots on the floor, and he did a great job drawing the defense and the passer makes the shooter." -Jason Terry

"Jet got hot at the right moment . . . he's one of the best clutch shooters we have in this league. If he's open, I'll always find him in the fourth quarter. He stepped into that one with confidence. I'm glad it went in and sealed the game." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Dirk got hot and we had to help off him. Jet hadn't really made a lot of shots all game. We took a chance and he hit the one that mattered most." -Deron Williams

Professional respect for Utah . . .

"You would think you get up 20 or 30 points in a game and they'd kind of let us walk away with it. But not the Utah Jazz." -Jason Terry

Oh yeah, Nowitzki -- the smart onlooker's choice for MVP . . .

"He's on a great run. You're not going to shoot 10 for 12 every night, but a guy of his skill level is capable of it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

In short . . .

"Definitely a weird game, but also a fun game to be a part of." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Is it perfect? No." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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