Donuts: Speak It, Shoot It, Shut It

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Speak it, Rick. Shoot it, Dirk. Shut it, Avery. Dig it, Mavs fans.

DONUT 1: Get out your calculator.

We've already mentioned Dirk's insane numbers through today: During the 11-game streak, he has shot a sizzling 57 percent and scoring 24.7 per.

With 12 straight wins in the book, let's recalculate:

The UberMan is now scoring 25.3 points per game … and during the dozen-game win streak has made 116 of his 197 shots and is therefore shooting 58.9 percent.


DONUT 2: I am totally digging coach Rick Carlisle's take on The Streak:

"The Streak is not significant to me at all," Carlisle said.

What? But it's the talk of the league!

"It's how we're playing and whether we're improving, whether we're gaining ground or whether we're just sitting there spinning our wheels,'' Rick said. "You've got to get better."

I'll go a step beyond that: While The Streak builds confidence and momentum, ultimately it's about how many wins Dallas totals over the course of 82, not over the course of 12.

Look at it this way: What if the Mavs lose tonight to visiting Milwaukee – oh, no! – but get right back on the horse Wednesday and reel off three or four or 12 more in a row?

DONUT 3: Do you have your "Reunion Rowdies'' t-shirt yet?


Ro Blackman does.

Do you have your FREE RODDY B t-shirt yet?

Roddy Beaubois does. He ordered three of them.

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DONUT 4: I'm seeing some football people snicker at the idea of John Elway being involved with the front office on some level with the Denver Broncos. They're making Matt Millen-Detroit Lions comparisons.

I know John a little bit, and I know what he means to Denver a lot. And I'll make a much better potential comparison:

Elway involved in the Broncos can be like Nolan Ryan involved with the Texas Rangers.

DONUT 5: wants to get you out on the course. Today's offer (which requires of you only a click): Over 50 percent off ANY Day at Iron Horse Golf Course!

DONUT 6: That manufacturer of tiny, inexpensive automobiles can show me that TV commercial one billion times and I'm still never gonna believe that Michelle Wie owns one.

DONUT 7: Hey, my fellow Minnesotans (voters and taxpayers): Can my Vikings please have a new stadium now?

Did y'all see the video of the Metrodome's collapse? It's a YouTubed metaphor for the team's season, of course … but it's an entertaining piece of video in the sense that it looks like fireworks … going backwards.

DONUT 8: And two P.S.'s here:

P.S.: I guess this is why my house is covered in wood and steel inside of in fabric. I mean, really, Metrodome designers … were you intending to construct a stadium or erect a tent?

P.S.S.: Man, did my ESPN colleagues blow the coverage of this story, essentially ignoring the political ramifications of the stadium collapse to instead concentrate on whether the postponement of the Giants-Vikings game (and its eventual shift to Monday night in Detroit) would mean Brett Favre might not play.

DONUT 9: You have read about the Mavs' moving to .500 all-time, right? Their record of 1,226-1,225 is so newsworthy that it's now in the Dallas Morning News, on ESPN's True Hoop, everywhere.

Of course, if you're a reader, you've known about "The Climb To .500'' for almost two years now.

Props to the guys at Boards who first made the discover (sorry, fellas; you won't get props from ESPN, so this will have to do). And a reminder: A great way to stay in touch with what the heck is going on around here: Boards, Mavs coverage on Twitter, and Friending Fish on Facebook.

Again, thanks for being part of The 75-Member Staff.

DONUT 10: There's a reason the Mavs tuned out Avery Johnson a few years ago.

There is now a reason to tune him out again.

"There is as much pressure on (this year's Mavs) to win a championship as any of the teams I had," opines The Lil' Johnson.

As is often the case, I do not know what planet Avery is on. His 2007 team was THE FAVORITE to win it all, having come off an NBA Finals appearance to forge a record 67-win season.

Let's get this year's Mavs team to 50 wins. … then 57 … then 67 … then we'll talk.

I'm not sure if Avery is trying to plant some inane psychological seed here, or if he's just babbling. But I know this: The issue isn't "measuring'' and "comparing'' pressure.

It's dealing with it.

DONUT 11: If you watched the Eagles-at-Cowboys game last night, you got the impression that being an network broadcaster is sorta "the good life.''

There was a shot of Jerry's wife Gene in the luxury suite … talking it up with a woman who was identified as Al Michaels' wife.

There was a shot at Bob Costas yukking it up while sitting in the front row of a suite … and his yuk partner was none other than legendary newsman Tom Brokaw.

And then there is this: My social spies tell me that on Saturday night, Costas and Cris Collinsworth dined together at Cool River in Las Colinas. Now, what were they doing way over there, when the game was in Arlingson?

Cool River is near the Four Seasons. Which is the sort of hotel you stay at if you are a network broadcaster.

Now, do they actually give Cam Newton the Heisman Trophy for keeps, or does he just pose for photos with it before it gets stored in the same closet as the Reggie Bush Heisman Trophy?

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