Mavs-Bucks Quoteboard: 'They Kicked Our Ass'

Bring on the gnashing of teeth; the unwelcome guests broke some of our nice things. What should've been a game in which the starters caught catnaps during the final minutes turned into a nailbiter. Somehow, Milwaukee trotted away with the win, 103-99. The streak stops at 12. Let's go get the word. Quoteboard:

Regarding the streak, broken at 12 straight . . .
"They were on a winning streak, 12 games in a row, so to come in and get a win, it's big." -Brandon Jennings

Hack-a-Wood? Brendan Haywood drew fouls but went 0-4 from the stripe . . .
"That was pretty smart by Skiles there, especially in the fourth quarter. He saw they already had four team fouls so at this point you don't really waste any fouls. The next one we're going to the line anyway. So, it's a smart move by a good coach." -Dirk Nowitzki

"Sure, yeah. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. It was a good move. But, Brendan will be all right. He'll make enough free throws." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About Brandon Jennings and his 23 point, 10 assist double-double and pestering generally . . .
"He hit some big shots, but he was able to come off that pick-n-roll so hard and we didn't have an answer for that. We trapped him a couple of times but we weren't consistent enough and he did what he wanted to do in the second half." -Shawn Marion

"He's the quickest guy on the planet . . . He's very difficult to deal with. We didn't do a great job of handling him, but he made some difficult shots. He was very determined. You could see it in his eyes the whole second half. He was attacking, and we never really took away his momentum." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About letting go of another large lead -- Dallas was up by 20 in the first half . . .
"Having a take-care-of-business mentality is really important; we have yet to establish that on a consistent basis. There will be frustration until we get there. We have work to do; it's as simple as that. I still have a great belief in our team, and I know what our potential is. But this kind of slippage we've seen all too often. I've got to coach harder, the players have got to be more conscientious, and we've got to do better than we did tonight." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It would have been easy to hang our heads and figure, 'They're a great club.' We battled back and were trying to get it to single digits by halftime. We came out in the third quarter with some nice juice." -Coach Scott Skiles

"This was a game we should have won, a game we clearly had under control. We let them back in it." -Tyson Chandler

Regarding Dallas's defense, and some of the ways it didn't work . . .
"I thought in the second half the defense is what hurt us. We couldn't get stops in man-to-man and we couldn't get stops in zone." -Dirk Nowitzki

What happened in crunch time, with 10 seconds left and the ball inbounded to Dirk . . .
"He got a good look at it. He got a good look and thankfully he missed. He owed us one. He knocked down the game winner in Milwaukee that probably shouldn't have gone in, it rattled home somehow at the buzzer, so he owed us one and we'll take it." -Andrew Bogut

"Actually on the last play, I was too open. And I was shocked at how open I was. I ended up in the lane taking a shot that I really didn't want to take, and that's obviously on me." -Dirk Nowitzki

The bottom line . . .
"Obviously, it's a game we should have won. And we've got to learn from it." -Tyson Chandler

"They kicked our ass. I don't know any simpler way to say it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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