Wednesday Donuts: How Can Dallas Be Bored?

Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts … A stranger in the locker room ... Owners yelling at their own players ... Back in the lab for more Mavs trade ideas ... Are the Mavs good enough to get bored?

DONUT 1: Shawn Marion finished dressing, his back to the middle of the locker room. He pulled a stocking cap over his head, wrapped a matching scarf around his neck, and turned to face the media.

"Whoa!'' he said as he observed the size of the mob that wanted to hear him wax eloquent on the subject of Milwaukee ending the Mavs' win streak at 12.

(While Shawn was meeting his Monday night obligations to the media … conduit to the stockholders/fans … Tuff Juice was sneaking out the back door, unwilling to be interviewed. A subject for a future donut, I suppose.)

Anyway, The Matrix has a way with words … he can be poetic.

He did not disappoint.

When you're at home and you got a team down 20 points,'' Shawn said, "you can almost smell the blood.''

That is the right thing to say. Beautifully stated.

But is it true? Did Dallas get up 20 in the first half against the Bucks and "smell the blood''?

That's not what I saw.

DONUT 2: Do the Mavs habitually get these big leads – 21 over the Nets, 25 over the Jazz, 20 over the Bucks -- and then get cocky? Complacent? Bored?

You hope not,'' coach Rick Carlisle said. "Is it possible? Yes. Is that what's happening? I hope not. But again, every team in this league is a threat. We left too much to chance …''

You sense that Rick probably knows the answer here, but is (maybe wisely) unwilling to share it with the masses.

It's been said that being up by 20 is better than the alternative. Hey, it'd be nice to do that against Portland tonight at the AAC, an 8:40 start and is on top of it all day and all night.) While that's true, you also sense that Rick doesn't find that philosophy to be sufficient here.

We'll discuss this and more today on Mavs Podcast ... at noon, it's Mike Bacsik and Fish for Lunch!

DONUT 3: What to do about Jason Kidd's shooting woes?

"You just keep playing the game." Rick said before Monday's tip.

Kidd took the message to heart early, even as he changed his tactic. Pushing away thoughts of floating at the perimeter, Kidd attacked the rim early to set a tone for himself. In the first quarter alone he went 2-of-2 for four points to go with six assists and four rebounds … and danced with the promise of a triple-double for most of the night.

He finished with 11 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds and three steals … and (as best he could) played some inspired defense on the much quicker Brandon Jennings.

It's lost in the shuffle of the loss, but when Kidd hit that late 3 to bring the Mavs to within six … which eventually set up Dirk's failed chance to tie it … it gave hope that Jason's perimeter shot might be back.

DONUT 4: We handled the ‘Melo-to-the-Mavs issue yesterday here … but that doesn't mean we're finished examinating blockbuster possibilities for Dallas.

David Lord is in the laboratory, ready to cook up some Amateur GM stuff.

Stay tuned.

DONUT 5: I don't get upset by this stuff anymore … just amused.

While the Mavs were moving to 12 straight wins, the Knicks were moving to eight straight wins. headline?

Knicks win eight in a row!

DONUT 6: Donald T. Sterling, the owner of the Clippers, yells at his own players while they are on the court.

Derisive stuff. Insulting stuff. He lays it pretty heavy on Baron Davis.

Now, if you know a little about Mr. Sterling, you know it is worth noting here that Baron Davis happens to be black.

But coming to the rescue (in a weird way) is Chris Kaman. Who isn't black. Who says the owner screams on-court insults at him, too.

"All kinds of stuff,' Kaman told the LA paper. "Some stuff like, 'Oh, dunk the ball.' He owns the team. What do you want me to say? He's my boss. He signs the check. He owns me. Not really, but you know what I'm saying. My rights to my basketball skills for five years.''


DONUT 7: Brian Cuban (brother of Tony Cubes) says he cannot imagine an owner yelling at his own players like that.

Which is true. But Brian and I both know of an owner who might tell at the other teams' players like that!

DONUT 8: What a beautiful day to play golf!

And here's a beautiful way to play golf ... at an incredible discout ... gives you daily deals, and all you need to do is click in! For instance: How would you like to play Lake Park Golf Club -- Full Round of Golf -- only $15!! Good ANY Day!!

DONUT 9: I told you a couple of weeks ago that old friend Kris "Hunk'' Humphries is dating Kim Kardashian.


Now we have photographic evidence.

DONUT 10: DoJo's got some back issues that are keeping him in town, doing some therapy and such.

That, and maybe everybody's desire to not put him through this weekend's "at Dakota'' doubleheader.

DONUT 11: Cliff Lee leaving Texas is like LeBron leaving Cleveland? You are too wrapped up in your Rangers, sir.

DONUT 12: I like Tyson Chandler's evaluation of the Milwaukee loss, and his ability to frankly separate this sort of loss from that sort of loss.

"This one is very disappointing," said T.Y. "We should've won. It's one thing to lose a game when you battle and you go back and forth. This was not one of those games. We had control. We let them back in it. It was a game we clearly should have won."

Translation: Monday's game in Miami, say, figures to be a battle between two "haves.'' It figures to go back and forth. Miami is as good as Dallas, so a loss would be understandable.

Being up 20 over Milwaukee at home isn't THAT sort of loss.

DONUT 13: Our man Michael Dugat is a rookie on the Mavs beat … a "cub reporter,'' they used to call ‘em. So every trip into a professional locker room remains a treat. … and he passes along three thoughts:

*After spending a few minutes in the locker room, you feel short. Then you turn and find the one player you are taller than, JJ Barea, and you gain an appreciation and respect for the fact that he doesn't have every shot blocked.

*You begin to want an iPad. Before the game, all the fellas are playing around on them.

*And one more thought is generally hovering somewhere around the periphery: "Man, I really need to work out a little more."

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