Friday Morning Mavs Donuts

These Donuts are loaded! DoJo at the point, Mavs trade rumors, Spike Lee's seat, Tony Romo's wedding, Charles Barkley's blabbing ... plus uses for the words "boondoggle,'' "backasswards'' and "fulcrum'' ... Time to make the Friday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: DoJo at the D-League point?

A brilliant experiment.

And let me count the ways:

DoJo isn't going to get burn as a big-league 2 anytime soon. ... Roddy B isn't a PG, so maybe DoJo is ... A quick development could give DoJo a (someday) chance of overtaking JJB ... DeShawn is already providing the defensive 2-guard power that DoJo offers ... He is a natural passer and good decision-maker ...

And best of all: It's the D-League. There is no downside to experimentation.

DONUT 2: Happy birthday, Candice Crawford. … getting married to Tony Romo is quite a gift!

I've had the pleasure of working on a couple of projects with both lovebirds … a TV pilot thingee with Candice among them. I wish you kids every happiness … and if you find it at your young ages (instead of having to endure half-a-lifetime to find that sort of happiness, as is the case with me) … you are truly blessed.

DONUT 3: Good Lord, Spike Lee. Sit down. Every basketball fan in the gym with a brain knew Amare's shot was late. It's a regular-season game, the shot wasn't going to count, the Knicks are just ascending into relevance, and you are on the court dancing about like a fool.

Sit down, Spike Lee.

DONUT 4: Let's keep the eye on the prize.

Carlisle could solve the "Mavs getting up by 20 and not holding it" issue with ease, you know.

Make KIDDIRK play 40 minutes each, instead of the 36 each they played vs. Portland.

That would do it, wouldn't it? As soon as the JJB/Big Wood crew exhibits some slippage, say ‘To hell with it!' and re-insert Kidd, Dirk and the proprietor of Chandler's Heart-and-Soul Food.

Those three played 36, 37 and 35.

Does Portland come back if those three play 40, 40 and 40?

But don't we think Carlisle is using these situations – surprisingly and pleasingly plentiful, because how many times in a 10-day span do you get to be ahead by 20? -- to develop his bench and to manage the big guys' minutes?

DONUT 5: I think if he wasn't managing minutes with Kidd, Dirk and Chandler, the Mavericks would continue to have the hammer down and they might just blow teams away. But what's the point? (Besides pleasing Trollinger, that is.)

Portland needed Aldridge to play 42 to makes its run.

Milwaukee asked Bogut and Jennings to each play 40-plus to make its run on Monday.

The Mavs? They are winning while giving Dirk the occasional blow and while giving Ian Mahinmi the occasional burn.

This approach will preclude Dallas from winning 70 games … but not from winning 50, and maybe not from winning 60. But what is the goal here?

You know which franchise has truly mastered this approach?

The Damn Spurs.

Pop uses the regular season to accumulate experience for kids, rest for vets and wins for everybody.

Isn't that what Rick Carlisle is doing in Dallas?

DONUT 6: That sucks, Yao Ming.

DONUT 7: Our man Michael Dugat cornered an NBA scout this week and quizzed him about Tyson Chandler.

Take it, Dugat:

From the eye of a learned observer, unfettered by the local bias of a Mav-centric point of view, came the reaffirmation of what most have already accepted … except for those who chose the names for the All-Star ballot.

He's found "a new lease on life" in Dallas, is the way this scout put it.

The Chandler Effect is real. It's not just us.

DONUT 8: Rick Carlisle, I challenge you to use the word "fulcrum'' in a basketball sentence!

Rick after the Portland game: "Down the stretch, we were able to find ways to get Dirk the ball so he could sort of be the fulcrum of what was going on. He made good passes and he put the ball in the basket. He made some phenomenally tough shots against good defenders."


DONUT 10: No disrespect to TNT's Charles Barkley, who proclaims Dallas "the best team in the state of Texas.'' But I bet 10 minutes after he said it last night, he'd forgotten if he'd favored the Mavs over the Spurs or vice-versa.

DONUT 11: Bill Ingram offered up a rumor/report last night about Houston examining Brendan Haywood with the intent of trading Kevin Martin for him. Give me a minute before evaluating such a trade because first I'm going to find somebody at Mavs HQ who could confirm this.

For the moment, I'm sticking with the exclusive we wrote just before this rumor broke regarding Dallas' view on trading the admittedly-struggling Big Wood. ... and the Mavs' desire to retain him. But Kevin Martin?

Hmmm. Let me sniff around.

DONUT 12: The feedback on our relationship with AvidGolfer and has been overwhelming!

You're welcome!

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DONUT 13: I believe Jason Kidd just made a funny.

"Through the season you try to be consistent," he said, smiling. "We're being consistent in the sense of getting big leads and giving up them.''

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