QUOTEBOARD: Mavs, Suns, Mice And Cobras

Under normal circumstances, Dallas versus Phoenix makes for an interesting game. But these were not normal circumstances. With Steve Nash out, the Suns looked like mice stuck in a cage with a cobra. … and we got to Mavs Quoteboard to learn that mice and cobras can talk!

What happened with Nash?

"I just bumped my head at a weird angle and had a spinal cord situation, lost feeling in my arms and legs. There were 10 seconds there that were really scary, but it came back, and they just didn't feel like it was worth risking it tonight." -Steve Nash

"Everything seems to be fine. I'm sure we'll get some more tests done and everything. But, it's a little scary – you fall on the floor and you don't have feeling in your hands and your legs and that can scare the heck out of you." -Coach Alvin Gentry

"The game certainly changes without Nash, there's no question. He's one of the best players ever . . . I hope he's OK. He's one of I think everybody's favorite players to watch. So, we hope that he's OK." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"He kind of collided there with Tyson and the next thing you know he was laying on the ground saying 'hey I can't feel my hands, I can't feel my hands' so it was a very, very unfortunate thing so both teams hope he is okay soon." -Dirk Nowitzki

Regarding Phoenix's play after Nash left the game . . .

"They had some threes that they missed that were goods looks. I thought we contested a lot of them and took them off a lot of them. But again, it's a good win even without Nash out there, because they have a lot of other really good players. But's not the same game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"It seemed like we made a nice run for a stretch there, but then we got really stagnant and turned the ball over. They got easy baskets." -Steve Nash

On Dallas's three 5s . . .

Tyson got us off to a good start. He's energy in the third was a big factor. And I thought Haywood was dominant when he was in there in the first half and in the second half. And then, when Ian went in, he mmediately sunk four free throws and that ended the game. That was key, too." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About the MOBs -- Mavericks Off the Bench -- who combined for 51 points including 18 from Jason Terry and 15 from Shawn Marion . . .

"Shawn and I always communicate, on and off the court. And so that chemistry is there. I know where he's gonna be at on the floor, he knows where I'm at. And it helps us out there, especially on the offensive end." -Jason Terry

"We're just feeding each other. We've kind of got a sense of where we're gonna be at, and we're ready to come in and provide that energy on both ends of the floor. And that's what it's gonna take to get us to the next level." -Shawn Marion

"Any given night, guys are gonna put up big or impressive numbers . . . Everybody was big tonight." -Jason Kidd

Thoughts on the homestand . . .

"I thought it was a great homestand, 5-1 . . . the big thing is we're learning how to play with a lead, and sometimes we fall in the trap of just going through the motions. But I thought we had a great homestand." -Jason Kidd

"Six-game stand, I'll still take 5-1 even though the one we lost was a rough one, a disappointing one." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We got to put teams away, that's our weakness right now. It came back to bite us once . . . But you learn from it. If we're still talking about this in March and April then we're not doing our jobs." -Jason Terry


"We're still learning about ourselves, learning about what it takes to really play at a high level in this building. I think we showed some really positive signs, and there's still some things we have to get over the hump on." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On Monday night's game in Miami -- oh boy . . .

"It's gonna be a very challenging game for us. I'm sure they'll be thinking revenge and all that stuff. But we've got a day off, we've got a day to practice and then we fly. And it's a challenge we're looking forward to." -Coach Rick Carlisle

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