Monday Morning Mavs Donuts: Welcome To Miami!

Monday Morning Mavs Donuts … We map out your day and night of Mavs-Heat reading, watching and more reading ... Some quick takes from the weekend in sports ... And what happens when the Mavericks conflict with the Rangers? ... Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: Full coverage of Mavs-at-Miami coming up all day and all night on and on FS Southwest, including:

*A preview of tonight's game, featuring an exclusive visit with the emotional leader of a guy still haunted by the 2006 Finals, Jason Terry.

*Kammrath's statistical analysis of what could happen tonight.

*Following on the heels of Brendan Haywood-Kevin Martin gossip (get caught up here, here and here ... more Mavs-centric trade nuggets.

*I'll join Ro Blackman in the FS Southwest studio to bring you "Mavs Live,'' the pregame show … we'll hand it to Mark Followill and Bob Ortegel for the 6:30 p.m. tipoff … and then Ro and I will be back to wrap it up on the TV postgame show on FS Southwest!

*During the game, I expect to be joined by hundreds (millions?) of readers and Mavs fans in the FOX Sports Game Lounge where we'll chat live about the game!

*And then it's right back to and Boards, where The 75-Member Staff will cover every angle of Mavs-Heat.

Stick with us. We've got you – and your Mavs – covered!

DONUT 2: Michael Vick wants to own a dog. Which is fine.

I don't say that because after what he did Sunday in beating the Giants makes him as MVP-worthy as anyone in the NFL. Nor do I say it because he's done his time – though that is certainly true.

I say it's OK for Vick to own a dog because owning a dog wasn't the root of his old problem.

I believe the old problem sort of started when somebody let him own two dogs.

DONUT 3: I don't win too many money-related debates with Mark Cuban, as you can imagine.

So while I was intrigued to listen to his BCS thinking in our one-on-one visit HERE … I wonder about his belief that college football's present non-playoff system is some sort of "inefficient'' (his word) financial boondoggle (my word, because I'm in the mood to type "boondoggle.'')

Somebody is making a lot of money by leaving this backassward system just the way it is, right?

A Cuban-led renovation of the system that would include a college football playoff would be good for millions of people. … but it might be bad for the somebodies who keep the sport just as it is, for reasons of their own profit.

DONUT 4: So, fill me in, because I was channel-flipping on Sunday afternoon: After New York gave up four TDs in seven minutes to Vick, did a bunch of Giants go ask for his autograph?

Or is this just a Dallas Cowboys phenomenon, in which case I assume Tashard Choice skipped across the Cowboys Stadium turf after yesterday's game to get autographs from Donovan McNabb and Mike Shanahan?

DONUT 5: In Phoenix, it's the Fourth Winter Holiday: ‘Thanksgiving,' ‘Christmas,' ‘New Year's,' And ‘Trade Everybody But Nash.'

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DONUT 7: Rick Pitino as the coach of J.J. Barea and the Puerto Rican national team?

Intriguing. … and JJB (along with Carlos Arroyo)visited with the coach over the weekend in Miami to compare notes on the idea.

DONUT 8: Three great ways to stay in touch with what the heck is going on around here and with your Mavs: Boards , Mavs coverage on Twitter, and Friending Fish on Facebook. Come say hi. I seem nice.

DONUT 9: So far, the Texas Rangers' "big offseason signings'' are kinda "Hicksy.''

DONUT 10: Hey, congratulations to some of you outstanding Texas high-school football teams who seemed to have had successful recruiting seasons … er, I mean, successful seasons!

DONUT 11: For Redskins-Dallas, the Cowboys kept the roof open. So God could see.

I bet he covered his eyes.

DONUT 12: I was wondering, now that the Texas Rangers have agreed to have 103.3 ESPN as their flagship station, what happens if a baseball game conflicts with a game being played by the Mavs, who has an established flagship deal with the station?

Old friend Mark Friedman (ESPN's assistant program director) tells me that when there is a conflict – and due to the Mavs in the playoffs, he figures there might be a dozen of them – the baseball game will be shifted over to KSKY-AM 660.

It's unusual … KSKY is not otherwise affiliated with ESPN in any way … but it works for me.

Oh, speaking of ESPN and "working for me'': We're cooking up something. I'll keep you posted.

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