Quoteboard: 'Who Ya Gonna Call?' - Mark Cuban

The Heat have been . . . well, hot lately. And then the Mavs fly into town and Miami goes down 98-96. Listen to the Masters. Quoteboard!

About Miami's win streak (just call him Coach Cool) . .

"I don't make a huge deal out of the streak. We are just trying to play solid basketball and win as many games as we can." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On Jason Terry's ice-cold three quarters . .

"Coach came in at halftime and said we were only down by one point and Jet was still at the hotel . . . I said I thought the bus was at 8:45, 9:00. But thanks for coming back and getting me."
-Jason Terry

. . . and his scalding, 19-point final 11 minutes . . .
"This is why he's one of the best fourth-quarter players in the game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"Jet finally showed up in the fourth. That's what he does. He's our finisher. He's our closer. He got hot." -Dirk Nowitzki

About the Mavericks' excellent road record -- 9-1 as of tonight . . .

"We relish the challenge." -Jason Kidd

"We don't fear going on the road." -Dirk Nowitzki

Regarding tonight's defensive effort -- Miami only shot 40.5% from the floor . . .

"We mixed up our zone and man-to-man nicely. Any time you hold a good offensive team to 40 percent shooting, it's a good thing. We just tried to clog the lane as much as we could. They settled for a lot of three against our zone. We got a little lucky." -Dirk Nowitzki

Some professional respect from the bad guys . . .

"Bottom line is they made bigger plays down the stretch and were more consistent and hit some big shots. They executed and got all the necessary open shots and offensive rebounds to really pull away in a close game." -Coach Erik Spoelstra

Some professional evaluation of the Miami Heat . . .


"They're obviously playing a lot better, which was to be expected with three superstars-- they were going to figure it out eventually. Wade was out the whole preseason. So I guess early on they were working through some stuff, but they've looked great lately." -Dirk Nowitzki

"They still kind of take their turns, but before it was like, 'Here, you got it and then I'll just stand over here.' Now it's more penetrate and kick and they're getting out on the break more.'' -Jason Terry

A little perspective . . .

"I think we're in a groove. But what does it say? Really not much in December. If we break a lot of streaks in the playoffs, that'll be more like it." -Dirk Nowitzki

All those busted streaks . . .
"Who ya gonna call?" -Mark Cuban

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