Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts

Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts … Not everybody is excited for Dirk ... Nash regrets? ... 'Melo on hold. ... The Larry Brown-less Bobcats ... Plus Geno's bias, Rex's feet and T.Y. as K.G. ...

DONUT 1: Here's the NBATV clip of Dirk scoring the points that vault him into 25th place all-time in NBA scoring. It's especially entertaining to hear the non-Dallas announcers make such a non-big deal about it:

DONUT 2: We spend so much time as Mavs followers regretting the departure from Dallas of Steve Nash

Does anybody ever wonder how much he regrets leaving?

As quoted by Suns beat writer Paul Coro, here's Nash reflecting on Phoenix' latest trade, a sign that the Suns are stripping themselves down, and talking about whether he should request an escape from the Valley of the Sun:

"I signed the contract extension to stay,'' Nash said. "I did that for a reason. I wanted to play with these guys, some of them. At least some of them were here when I signed. I still think we have a chance to be a good team. You just got to roll with it. What are my options? Quit?''

Well, yeah …

"I could be in a city that maybe doesn't have the guys we have,'' Nash said. "I want to be positive and make this a great opportunity and a great season. I know a lot of people are telling me to demand a trade. If I demand one, does that mean I get to pick my team? No. It's not that simple. Maybe somebody could explain to me the reasoning. You can't just go in and tell management where you want to go. I signed to play here and I want to make this team a really good one.''

A good soldier, Nasty. Too good to admit regrets.

DONUT 3: Yesterday the Bobcats parted ways with Larry Brown, about the only true shred of credibility the franchise possesses.


They are off to a 9-18 start. They seem to be openly shopping their two name players, Jackson and Wallace. They are reeling from two summer transactions … letting Felton go to the Knicks, where he is a centerpiece of their success, and letting Chandler come to Dallas (for DUST), where he is a centerpiece of the Mavs success.

This doesn't necessarily apply to the Mavs. But if I'm an NBA GM, I'm spending time on the phone with Michael Jordan today. I think I've got him – and his team, which has a give-up plan to go with "interim'' coach Paul Silas for the rest of the season -- on the ropes.

Heck, even the Clippers think that way, as they are reportedly trying to unload Baron Davis on the Bobcats.

There's a Clippers P.S. here, by the way: What favor might the Clippers do a team if a team is willing to take on Baron?

Chris Kaman, perhaps?

DONUT 4: Over the weekend, the Nuggets won a home game over Minnesota, 115-113, despite once having a 20-point lead.

I think coach George Karl's explanation of how that happened might be educational for those of us who follow the Mavs.

"It happens every night," Karl said. "It's the nature of players. It's part of the NBA personality. … We're pretty good at closing out games, but we do blow leads. So is that bad?''

As we've noted often: No, George. It's not bad. Because it beats most of the alternatives.

DONUT 5: Congratulations to the UConn women and their incredible winning streak.

But why is the accomplishment being confused a men's incredible winning streak?

From UConn coach Geno Auriemma: "All the men who love women's basketball are excited, and all the miserable bastards who follow men's basketball and don't want us to break the record are all here (at the game as media members) because they are pissed. So that's the way it is ... If we were breaking a women's record, everybody would go: 'Aren't those girls nice. Just give them two paragraphs in USA Today or give them one line on the bottom of ESPN, and let's send them back where they belong in the kitchen.' But because we are breaking a men's record, we have a lot of people paying attention."

Geno, I've got news for you: Those of us who are intellectually honest enough to separate a men's record from a women's record are not necessarily misogynists. Men's basketball is a different game from women's basketball.

DONUT 6: One deal. Every day. And a skillion Mavs-lovin', golf-lovin' readers just like you taking advantage every day. ...

Click into and give it a swing!

DONUT 7: Maybe Im just not a Jets fan. But I care not about Rex Ryan's assistant's knees or about Rex Ryan's wife's feet.

DONUT 8: So you're a Mavs fan, eh?


Then dress like it.

Ro does.

DONUT 9: I'm amused to read the critics of the Cowboys and Tony Romo, who waited until this week to finally put the quarterback on IR, guaranteeing that he won't hurry back to the field following his shoulder injury.

Why the delay?

It's no mystery.

Players want to play. We want Romo to shut it down and start over next year. Many inside the organization saw the wisdom in that as well. But Tony Romo is a football player. He wants to be on the field.

It's the same phenomenon we saw years ago when Troy Aikman would stay in Cowboys games even when his team was way ahead and the score was securely in Dallas' favor.

"Why not get your ass outta there?'' I once asked Aikman.

"Because being on the field to win the game,'' he answered, "is the whole point of playing. I don't play football so I can get off the field. I play football to be on the field. And being out there to experience the winning, that's the fun part.''

DONUT 10: Carmelo Anthony's sister has passed away, and in a classy move, the Nuggets have reportedly tabled all transaction talks -- yes, that includes everything going on … er, not going on … between ‘Melo and the Mavs -- out of respect for the Anthony family.


Classy. Classy enough that maybe 'Melo will reflect on his relationship with the Nuggets and decide they ain't so bad?

DONUT 11: Interesting Dirk Nowitzki quote on Tyson Chandler:

"It's almost like when KG went to Boston,' Nowitzki said. 'I don't think Ray Allen or Paul Pierce were great defenders before KG got there, but KG with his energy and influence and high octane kind of changed the whole mentality of the defense.''

It's an astute point. It has nothing to do with a comparable style of play, really.

It has to do with an attitude that has been missing around here since … maybe Stack? Or maybe Nick Van Exel?

DONUT 12: No disrespect to my colleagues who are "breaking'' the story of Dwight Howard, if Orlando doesn't soon win a title, maybe wanting to join the Lakers in two years, but …

"If it doesn't work out in City A, I want to be a Laker''?

How many dreamy NBA players have had that thought cross their minds? I do not have enough Donuts to list 'em all.

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