Christmas Morn Mavs Donuts: Yes, I'm Working

Marcia isn't in love with the idea. But she's in love with me. So she puts up with the fact that this is a work day. (If you call what I do "work.'' I'm not complaining; do I look like Phil JackZen?) It's time for Christmas morning ... and that means it's also time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: The kids at Boards play with the math: Teams in the Southwest Division are 77-39 against teams outside the division.

The Mavs and Spurs?

They are a combined 40-5 against non-Southwest teams. …

DONUT 2: … And Mavs coach Rick Carlisle comments on the Southwest's excellence:

This division again is back to being one of the toughest divisions in all of sports," Carlisle says. "The Spurs are having a great year, and they're going to continue to be good. Look, this is a long, long year. We're about a one-third of the way through in terms of the number of games played. There's a long ways to go and a lot to be decided.''

But the excellence of the Southwest Division? That's already been decided.

DONUT 3: Good times on the FS Southwest set as Ro Blackman and I discuss being "haunted'' by the 2006 Finals, talk about not trading Big Wood, and play with my Erick Dampier Bobblehead Doll:

DONUT 4: Steiny-Mo's recent ESPN report on the Mavs and trade thoughts regarding ‘Melo, Kevin Martin and Brendan Haywood largely mirrored what we'd already written.

That's always nice … Marc knows his stuff. So it makes us look smart, too!

One area where it seems like we zigged when Marc zagged, though is on the subject of Houston's interest in Big Wood.

Marc writes (in an obvious nod to

" I've likewise been assured in the strongest terms that Houston, even after losing Yao Ming to a potentially career-ending setback, is not looking at Haywood as a potential replacement and has made that clear to the Mavs, despite what has been reported in some precincts locally. "Less than zero interest" is the way one source with knowledge of the Rockets' thinking jokingly described it. Which is why the similarly reported notion that offering up Haywood could somehow put the Mavs in play for longtime Mavs favorite Kevin Martin — whom Dallas pursued unsuccessfully last season before the Rockets acquired Martin from Sacramento — has been politely ignored here.''

Again, Steiny Mo's Friday report sounds pretty much exactly what I'd written over the weekend … But did I write that the two teams were discussing a Martin-for-Haywood deal?

Let's see …

"There is no meeting of the trade-making brains here yet. But we know that Brendan Haywood is on the mind of the center-starved Rockets. And we know that as always, Kevin Martin is on the minds of the "second-star''-searching Mavs. Two sources with knowledge of the teams' views tell of the clubs' so-far independent thinking on the two players.

The first important quote: "(Houston) is definitely looking for help at center.''

The second important quote: "Yes, (the Mavericks) are Kevin Martin guys.''

I stand by that.

Furthermore, I'm re-reading Marc's take on this and I'm caught up in this sentence:

Houston is not looking at Haywood as a potential replacement and has made that clear to the Mavs…

Wait …what? This means the Rockets and the Mavs DID talk about Haywood-to-Houston!

Oh, yes, the Rockets may have "laughingly said then have less than zero interest,'' or whatever … but they must be laughing at Dallas. … and not at the report.

Because the initial report is true.

And with Marc's advancing of the story – advancing it to the point where he is reporting that Dallas contacted Houston and broached the two names – the initial report is now even more newsworthy.

DONUT 5: Now, you want another Rockets-Mavs idea that officials can pretend to be laughing at while they are privately actually discussing it?

"Something will happen," Jared Jeffries tells the Houston paper. "Whether it happens now or at the trade deadline, I'll just stay ready and in shape. I think if I don't play, at some point I'll get traded and move on."

Put me down as interested.

The 6-11 Jeffries is doing nothing for the Rockets, averaging only 1.3 points, 1.8 rebounds, and .4 assists per game. But he's 29. He's got some pedigree, having been picked 11th overall in the 2002 NBA Draft.

Even in his best years, he's pretty much a 5/5 guy while playing 24 minutes or so. … And he's another ex-Wizard, and maybe we're full up.

But if the Rockets – between their expressions of amusement when Marc Stein calls them for a quite -- are trying to give him away? I'm interested.

DONUT 6: Now that I'm kind of rolling on this subject …

It's being written that one of the reasons Haywood is "untradeable'' is due to his contract.

Ah, what short memories we have.

Wasn't it just yesterday when Arenas, Rashard and Hedo had "untradeable'' contracts?

Wasn't it just the day before that when Matt Carroll and Erick Dampier had "untradeable'' contracts?

DONUT 7: Three great ways to stay in touch with what the heck is going on around here, with the Mavs, with my personal issues or whatever: Boards, Mavs coverage on Twitter, and Friending Fish on Facebook. Come say hi. I seem nice ... on Christmas and on most other days, too.

DONUT 8: Congratulations to DeMarcus and Taniqua. You are truly blessed … and deserving.

DONUT 9: Blatche and McGee get in a fight at a D.C.-area nightclub. What is it about Wizards centers and in-fighting?

DONUT 10: Not to sound too much like the bleeding heart (that I am) … but did you see the deal with O.J. Mayo's dad, who is facing charges in West Virginia of trying to kill a police officer and other counts?

Kenneth Maurice Ziegler, 39, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with attempted murder, two drug counts, obstructing and two fleeing counts.

And here's where my bleeding heart comes into play: O.J. Mayo has THAT in his background? He grew up with THAT? Kid's accomplished a lot just to be alive, you know?

DONUT 11: The Mavs engaged in a lengthy workout on Friday and they are off on Christmas Day before a short session on Sunday and then a quick trip to OKC for Monday's meeting with the Thunder.

"It's been like an All-Star Break, actually,'' Carlisle says of the five-day breather between games. "An All-Star Break with a practice in the middle of it."

DONUT 12: Happy Holidays to you, my loyal friends … has been here for more than a decade now, and so many of you have been along for the incredible ride … and so many of you are spreading the word … I appreciate so much your support, devotion and friendship to our work, my family and me.

Thank you!

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