The Top 5 Mavs Childhood Christmas Gifts

Once upon a time, the large fellows who fill the Dallas Mavericks roster were little fellas … who wanted to upwrap something special from underneath the family Christmas tree. We asked Jason Kidd (pictured ... awwww!) and collected the Top 5 Mavs Players' Childhood Christmas Gifts:

5. JJ Barea


"When I was about 10, I got a brand-new bicycle. It was red. I'd had bikes before, but this was the first time, I think, that I'd gotten a brand new one. My parents picked it out for me. It was the best Christmas present I ever got.''

4. Roddy Beaubois

"Any kind of video game. It did not matter (what kind). We would play it.''

3. Darrell Armstrong


"Oh, the Atari Football game. Played it ‘til we wore it out. I was a football guy all the way.''

2. Jason Kidd

"Anything that had to do with sports. A soccer ball or a bike or a basketball or a baseball glove. That's all I ever asked for.''

1. Tyson Chandler


"Cowboy boots. I used to wear cowboy boots everywhere. My mom couldn't get me out of them. Probably every day, until maybe the age of 6, I wanted to wear cowboy boots. I ran track in ‘em. I played soccer in ‘em. One year, we moved, and we lost my boots. I couldn't bear it. My auntie bought me some new ones, and I wore them, wore them down, until my feet were almost sticking out the front of them.''

"I asked for cowboy boots every Christmas. That's all I ever wanted.''

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