Check Out The Locker-Room Talk In Quoteboard

In the fourth? Dallas outscored Oklahoma City 24-12. In the game? Dallas won over OKC, 103-93. After the game? The fellas talked about it in Quoteboard!

Shall we go spy? Quoteboard:

What happened?!?!?

"I strained a little muscle in the back of my knee. But we don't really know everything yet. I had X-rays and everything came back good, but I'll have an MRI done tomorrow morning. And then we'll go from there . . . I'd take a sprained ankle over this any day. This is a weird injury, I've never had it." -Dirk Nowitzki

And the team's reaction to Dirk's absence . . .

"This is a veteran ball club and we've pretty much seen everything. Dirk is very pliable and durable. But when he left, I don't think anybody blinked. I think everybody just stayed the course." -Jason Kidd

"If the big German had been in there it would have been easier for us . . . We went in at halftime and Dirk asked what the score was. We told him it was tied and he said: 'You guys can handle this, I'm taking the rest of the night off.'" -Jason Terry

How it feels to be Commanding Coach Present . . .

"There's a big difference between making suggestions and decisions. Rick does a great job of pushing the right buttons. If I had a rookie team doing this, I'd be as nervous as you-know-what." -Coach Dwane Casey

Regarding Shawn Marion, and his 20 point, 9 rebound night . . .

"Shawn Marion had a heck of a third quarter. I think he had flashbacks to his All-Star years. That quarter was huge." -Coach Dwane Casey

About Jason Terry using a heckling Thunder fan for fuel . . .

"Every arena I go to, they always pick on me. I don't think it's the high socks, but I always find one or two fans that will pick on me . . . At that point, you're trying to do anything to get yourself going and I just use that to get fired up." -Jason Terry

"That's just Jet's way of juicing himself up.'' -Coach Dwane Casey

Regarding the containment of megastar up and coming Kevin Durant . . .

"One guy doesn't stop him. . . . We know we're not going to shut all his water off. We just want to let it slow drip a little bit." -Coach Dwayne Casey

Props to Alexis Ajinca, who got the nod as a backup forward . . .

"That three he hit was either gonna be an airball or a swish, and luckily for us it was a swish . . . That was a huge shot for him and a shot in the arm for our guys." -Coach Dwane Casey

In short . . .

"That was just an amazing win. I was back here yelling so loud. It was an unbelievable second half. Guys were stepping up left and right, making big shots. And the defense in the fourth quarter was amazing." -Dirk Nowitzki

"They still have a lot of weapons. It's more than just Dirk. They played tough, man, and you've got to give them credit for making big shots." -Kevin Durant

"We just picked a bad time to miss shots." -Coach Scott Brooks.

And the Thunder fan who gave Terry a hard time?

"He got out of there before I could get my parting shot . . . He knows we got the win. That's sweet enough." -Jason Terry

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