Coming To Night? Check Here!

If you've signed on to be a part of Night at the Mavs ... here are some last-minute instructions, in case you missed 'em:

For those of you who purchased " night at The Mavs" packges, we wanted to confirm the plans for the evening.

*You can pick up your tickets at the American Airlines Center Will-Call Window tonight after 530pm. It'd be wise to please bring the credit card you used to purchase the tickets ... but for sure, bring some valid form of identification in the name of the person who ordered the tickets.

*Then plan to meet INSIDE the AAC on the concourse in front of Old No. 7 Club at 6:30 for a "Meet-and-Greet" with some friends!

* If there are issues at the will-call window -- please God, don't let there be! -- either I (Fish) or somebody (maybe I'll make Techsan or MDug go out in the rain??!) will slog on by to make things run smoothy ...

* Not sure what we can pull off once we congregate.... group hugs? But we'll do whatever we damn please, is what I think.

*Eventually we've move upstairs ... not all of us are completely bunched together, but we'll figure it out ... And over the course of the evrning, we're giving out FREE ... FOUR-PACKS of tickets to future games!

*Ive gotten a couple of emails saying, 'Fish, I meant to order a Medium but I accidentally ordered a 5XL. can u help? ' I'll try to have a couple extra shirts on my person ... so I'll do my best!

See you tonight!

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