BREAKING: Dirk Pessimistic About Thursday

Dirk Nowitzki isn't saying much. And he wants to stay optimistic. But he does have a four-sentence answer that would seem to put his chances of recovering from his knee sprain in time to participate in Thursday's Spurs-at-Mavs showdown.

"Ohh … Thursday might be pushing it,'' he told Mavs staffer Cash Sirios on Mavs Facebook late Tuesday night. "I don't know about Thursday. We'll see. I've been a quick healer all my life … but we'll see.''

Nowitzki's knee injury has been diagnosed as a sprain and he is being listed as "day-to-day'' from there.

The MVP candidate departed Monday's game in OKC in the first half and the 24-5 Mavericks nevertheless manhandled the Thunder, 103-93.

But on Tuesday, the Dirk-less Mavs looked loss in a home loss to the lowly Raptors. (see the 12 Excuses in Donuts.)

Stay in touch with and we'll keep you updated.

PS. Of course, when I say, "He isn't saying mucb,'' I'm not counting this batch of FS Southwest TV tryouts from last night.

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