Quoteboard: Locker-Room Talk From Mavs-Cavs

Finally, something pleasant to discuss -- a Mavs' victory. Let's go into the locker room for McKinneyDentist.com Quoteboard!

Dallas draws a certain sigh of relief as they walk away from Cleveland with a win, 104-95. The Black Hole of Injury didn't claim any other victims, Terry's shot went where it was supposed to, Matrix came back and was huge, DoJo returned from his stay in Frisco and conducted himself as a man. With the house pretty much caving in over the past week, positive signs are things to be dug up, cleaned off, and put to use.


Regarding Shawn Marion, who returned a bit earlier than advised and scored 22 points . . .

"It was hurting tonight, but I had to fight through it . . . I was like, 'gotta go, gotta go.'" -Shawn Marion

"Marion gave us a huge lift. He's going to be a real key guy for us as he always is." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"To lose Caron . . . we were lucky we gained Shawn back. That really helped us out." -Tyson Chandler

About DeShawn Stevenson, who scored 21 points including five three-pointers . . .

"Stevenson had a huge night -- his threes were timely all night long." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding his field trip to Frisco and the Texas Legends . . .

"I've been getting a chance to get better. It helped me get my rhythm back and playing up and down was good. It's fun. But you always feel like it's not the NBA. The travel's definitely different, too. It can be kind of humbling. But it was a good opportunity." -Dominique Jones

On surviving massive involuntary roster changes . . .

"I've been in situations like this before several times in coaching. And when you lose key players, everybody's got to raise their level. The collective spirit and unity has got to get even stronger, and you've got to find a way to battle through it. It's not easy, and Cleveland is going through the same thing right now." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Thoughts on unselfishness . . .

"I think that's a great sign of this team; when we move the ball like that, man, it's easy for us. When we make it hard on ourselves is when we ain't movin' the ball like that. That's what we gotta do, help each other . . . Everybody puts such a big emphasis on scoring; it's not about scoring, it's about little things you do to help your team win." -Shawn Marion

No mincing words . . .

"We needed this win desperately . . . We definitely needed to stop the bleeding." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We're beat up right now. We needed this game." -Shawn Marion


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