Who Deserves 'The Dirkie'?

Some season-high efforts from some established Mavs ... and some thrills from the kids ... and some very viable Mavericks who deserve your Player of the Game vote! Who deserves 'The Dirkie'?

At last, Dallas manages to get some of their own back against the post-abandonment Cleveland Cavaliers. With Nowitzki marking time as a tailor's form and Butler in Dr. Soural's capable hands, the Mavericks needed a hero. Heroism should not go unrewarded, but that's what our solid gold bric-a-brac is ... for.

In your expert opinions, who takes home the Dirkie?

    Player of the Game, Mavericks @ Cavaliers Vote here!

Among the candidates ...

Shawn Marion -- back and contributing in fine style

DeShawn Stevenson -- season-high 22 points

Tyson Chandler -- 14-14 double-double, perfect shooting

Jason Terry -- please say it's for real

Jason Kidd -- the steady hand on the throttle

Dominique Jones -- welcome back to the show

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