Caron Undergoes Season-Ending Surgery

Caron Butler is pledging to "be 100 percent in no time'' as he's "going in'' to the hospital.. But "100 percent'' from what? "Going in'' for what? The Mavs have made it official:

Caron underwent surgery today to repair a ruptured right patellar tendon. Team physician Dr. T.O. Souryal performed the operation. Butler is expected to miss the rest of the season.

From Caron's Twitter declarations come optimism as the Mavs prepare to play host to Portland … and to do so without Caron and Dirk Nowitzki, out with a knee sprain.

Butler, hurt on Saturday in a game in Milwaukee, certainly looked to be in good spirits.

From his hospital bed, Butler posed for a photo and then tweeted:

"Championship! … Remember that fans, that's what it's about and we have what it takes in that lockeroom to get it done … I'll be 100 percent in no time, and I will be the biggest supporter on the sideline until healthy thanks for the support again … I'm going in ..."

There are a variety of existing solutions (discussed here) and they are certainly slow to openly discuss trade options (though is reporting on the Mavs' in-house thinking on a trade for Andre Iguodala.

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