Beaubois May Take Forward Step This Week

Rodrigue Beaubois told on Tuesday that he has been cleared "for some jumping'' and is scheduled to visit the doctor on Wednesday for another examination that will hopefully lead to his sooner-rather-than-later return from the broken foot that has sidelined the Mavs' prized youngster all season.

"We'll see what the doctor says,'' Roddy B said before the Blazers-Mavs tipoff. "But I was allowed to do some (jump-shooting) as of a couple of days ago. I am going (to the doctor) tomorrow. So, we'll see.''

We don't want to jump the gun – pun intended. But for team that could use a bit of positive news on the health front, this is a little something. … little cautious something.

The organization is continuing to take a safe approach, even as the Mavs are playing without Caron Butler (with a knee injury that ended his season on Tuesday) and Dirk Nowitzki (who sat out his fifth straight game with a knee sprain). Coach Rick Carlisle continued on Tuesday to essentially refuse to discuss "what-if's.'' Carlisle said that he will do so until Beaubois' return appears "imminent. … at that time, we'll let you know,'' Carlisle told the media.

Before Beaubois sustained a broken foot in early August while practicing with the French National Team, he was projected as a possible starter at the 2-guard, all based on the strength of a stellar rookie season. He was placed in a protective boot following the injury and was told it might be a "two-to-three-month'' rehab. But two months later, after Beaubois was allowed out of the boot, there was seemingly a setback … and Roddy B was put back in the protective device.

In theory, if the foot was re-injured to set up another two- or three-month wait, late January could serve as a new target date. said he has yet to begin plotting how he'll work the second-year guard into the rotation.

"The good news,'' Beaubois tells us, "is that I'm young. I have time. It is frustrating, but I know it's the best thing (to be patient.)''

The 25-8 Mavericks share that patience while Beaubois works on his conditioning by tread-milling in the pool and pedaling the elliptical machine and stationary bike. (Art Garcia notes that Mavs owner Mark Cuban is leaving the impression that Roddy B might still be a month away.) But the fact that Beaubois has moved beyond a no-jumping rule (he'd been taking set-shots for weeks) is a positive.


Nowitzki is on record as believing that a returning Beaubois will serve as a difference-maker. As conservative as he is on such matters, even Carlisle concedes that Roddy B is "a different kind of weapon.''

Beaubois is a weapon who is now allowed to jump a little … a weapon ready to hear some good news from the doctor on Wednesday.

For Rodrigue Beaubois, it's a start.

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