Your Chance at Mavs Premium Prize Packages!

In addition to you getting to see my smiling Donut'y face every morning, I've got my hands on two prize packages you can receive when you sign up for Mavs Premium in the coming days: Tickets! Goodies! Mavs signed merchandise! Dirk! Jet! Roddy B! Options for you on any number of levels ... Here goes!

Premium Prize Package 1: Marcia will select a random winner who will be emailed:

*2 tickets to the Jan. 27 Rockets-at-Mavs game

And in regular mail, a package that includes:

*A Dallas Mavericks duffle bag

*The Dirk Nowitzki "UberMan'' T-shirt in your size


* An official Dirk Nowitzki NBA trading card from Panini … personally signed for you by Dirk!

Premium Prize Package 2: Marcia will throw another dart, another random winner, who will be emailed:

*2 tickets to the Jan. 27 Rockets-at-Mavs game

And in regular mail, a package that includes:

*An old-school shirt (it's Jet's choice, a 2XL) personally signed by Jason Terry!


*The Dirk Nowitzki "UberMan'' t-shirt in your size

* An official Rodrigue Beaubois NBA trading card from Panini … personally signed for you by Roddy B!

Two big winners … and all you have to do is sign up to sample's Mavs Premium coverage of your favorite team … The monthly package comes as low as $3.33 … you get all the inside scoop from Fish and D-Lord and the Mavs players and coaches themselves … and now you get a chance at one of the loaded Premium Prize Packages! (And yes, if you're among the many who have already signed up for Premium prior to this announcement, you are of course eligible, too!)


Guys, for more than a decade, has been the biggest and the best ... a gathering site on the internet for Dallas Mavericks fans, with Mavericks insider news, and discussions about the Mavs, Dallas sports, the NBA, and the world in general ... among the thousands of us who gather here every day, we've made a lot of friends …

We are getting bigger and better … and we now have multiple ways you can be a member ... You have choices, and we hope we have earned your support in what we do.

1. There is a free membership. … You can sign in as a member and participate on Boards , read the free stories on, look for our specials on game tickets and merchandise, come hang out with us at our famous Mavs Road Game parties … with this you get many of the articles and much of the forum participation … at no cost. Take your time. Lurk a bit … And then if you wish, sign up for free!

Of course, you can also hang with us with Mavs coverage on Twitter, and and by friending me on Facebook. Come say hi!


I think you'll like it so much at that you'll want to support the site by becoming a Mavs Premium member. You give up one day of your sugar donuts (or your Starbucks, or that one beer) for a whole month of Basketball Donuts - and we reward you with lots more for doing so … All memberships are subject to management approval, but we generally allow membership to everyone who wants to join. Basically, you've got to be a real creep. Which you're not. Right?

2. The full Mavs Premium membership ... Premium membership gets all the free benefits, plus extra content and analysis and access to Premium forums with a special Insiders Forum, conversations and access. … Scoops, exclusive interviews, video from inside the Mavs locker room …

You get the benefit of's inside access to the Mavs and the movers and shakers that make it all happen -- combined with our analysis based on our contacts and my 28 years of experience covering the pro sports and the Dallas Mavericks.


Premium memberships can be secured for just $3.33 per month … about 10 cents a day. (Yes, 10 cents a day will help feed a starving writer in Dallas!)

Is a year is too rich for your blood? Or you want to wade in carefully in this times when you and I are counting even our dimes? Ttake just one day a month off from buying that Starbucks (no offense, Starbucks!) or that Big Mac (no offense, McDonald's) or that beer (no offense, Beer!) and use it to be a Premium member for an entire month … and get that content … and support the site.


I've often heard from folks who say they appreciated and wanted to support the site in some way … like a "donation'' … Here's your answer: If you aren't sure you can justify a full year, for whatever reason, figure out what level of support you think we're worth for all the content we've provided you, and get that many months of Premium membership …

And see if I – and The 75-Member Staff – have earned the right to be part of your daily information-gathering and entertainment.

I think you'll love it so much you'll want to continue longer, just as I think we've all worked at the highest level for the past decade to provide so much value.

But give us a try. Come aboard for a year, or six months, or as a "donation'' … And you be the judge as to whether we are continuing to earn the right to have you as committed to us as we are to you.


Let me note: Access to the forums typically comes with all memberships, but is subject to management approval and may be revoked at any time for any reason ....repeated abuse of forum standards can cause membership to be cancelled and future membership application to be denied at the discretion of management ....standards are posted there. So try to behave yourself!

And while you're at it … try to win a Premium Prize Package … right now!

Everybody wins with the Mavs Premium coverage … and now when you get signed up, you have a chance to win even more!

Thanks for the sincere privilege of letting me and into your life for the last decade …. if you choose to lurk, if you choose to read, if you choose to support at whatever level you wish ... I'll do my best to continue to earn that from you.




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