Dirk Speaks, Caron Love, Kidd Vid: Donuts

It's time to make the Friday Morning Mavs Donuts: Dumbest Mavs Trade Angle of the Year … Just how much do they love Caron? … Exclusive Kidd Vid from last night's loss to OKC. … And Dirk speaks about his knee ... Donuts, y'all!

DONUT 1: Our first reaction when Dirk's Nov. 27 knee injury was diagnosed as a sprain? Ro Blackman and I both said it on FS Southwest: With the Spurs two games away from that point, Nowitzki will probably try to play with a brace on the knee.

Now, two weeks later, the brace might be a good idea. But no matter what, he's going to miss Saturday's game against Orlando, meaning it's seven missed games ... and counting.

But he'll be back next week -- "for real this time,'' as Eddie Sefko jokingly noted in reference to all the starts and sputters during Dirk's efforts to return.

"It's been frustrating,'' said Dirk. "I felt like I could have helped the team in some of those games (during which Dallas was 2-4.)

Nowitzki said trying to run on it "keep(s) aggravating it. So we'll shut it down for a few days. ... Hopefully in the next few days, it will respond good and I'll be pain-free and ready to go.''

Maybe with a brace. But yes, hopefully 100 percent.

DONUT 2:"And the award for "Dumbest Mavs Trade Angle Written All Year'' goes to … the national outlet that wrote that "The most likely Maverick to be traded by the deadline … is second-year point guard Roddy Beaubois.''

Absolute hogwash.

The Most Likely Mav To Be Traded By The Deadline is Caron Butler's $10.8 Million Expiring Contract.

By far. FAR far.

DONUT 3: I should note that Caron is loved by his teammates. When he says he's going to become this team's biggest cheerleader, he ain't kidding. Every player I've talked to has visited him or texted him or is excited to have him show up at the gym.

But as much as they love Tuff Juice, they love winning more. There will be NO hesitation when it comes to moving Caron. He'll get his money, he'll do his rehab, he'll still be loved.

But he won't ever be loved as much as a championship would be loved.

DONUT 4: Here's the Kidd Vid I promised you in All-Access Pass to Mavs-Thunder. ... It's full of good stuff, including Jason telling me he's "in search of the 25-year-old Jason Kidd.''

More Kidd Vid is coming. (He's kind of a member of The 75-Member Staff, you know!)

DONUT 5: By the way, if you need to know ANYTHING about Mavs-Thunder ... I think All-Access Pass – and the free peek at the sort of coverage DB.com will provide Mavs Premium members – will fill you in. Also, I hope our plans for the Premium package is better understood now.

I didn't want to talk too much about what we planned to accomplish; I'd rather accomplish it and then let you judge.


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DONUT 7: We're doing some more digging on the idea of Steven Jackson as a Mavs target, the basis of it being: What do all of his former employers think of him? Our opinion is colored by what we know Nellie thinks of Capt. Jack. (Which is, a talented headache.)

We're going to dig a little deeper. Stay tuned.

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DONUT 9: Oh, here's the video of Kevin Durant trying to run out the clock for OKC last night by handing a live ball to Rick Carlisle:

DONUT 10: Make sure you catch up with the locker-room talk, after every game, in QUOTEBOARD, sponsored by McKinneyDentist.com. A beauty from last night:

"Right now, we just have to (right) the ship, be patient, not get too crazy,'' said Tyson Chandler. "

That's a challenge, eh, Mavs fan?

DONUT 11: Brendan Haywood is signing autographs tonight from 5:30 to 6;30 at the Academy Sports store in Dallas at 8050 Forest Lane. And yeah, it was a little uncomfortable last night when the PA announcer at the AAC issued that autograph news by billing Big Wood as an "All-Star candidate.'' Even though he is, you know!

DONUT 12: So LeBron has taken to calling his team "The Heatles.'' You know, like The Beatles.

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy nails it:

"They're pretty impressed with themselves,'' he says.

So Miami is "The Heatles.'' And we wait to see if one of them will turn out to be Yoko Ono.

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