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Sunday Morning Mavs Donuts ... A day of rest for the Mavs and a day of Donuts for y'all, including locker-room video with Shawn Marion and Brendan Haywood:

DONUT 1: Consider this an overflow from our Premium coverage of Mavs-Magic. ... Shawn Marion speaking to the media, in the postgame locker room, about what comes next:

"It's a long season,'' said Marion. "It's still early. We are still one of the top teams in the league, right? We lost two of our main guys and one of them will be coming back soon. At the same time, we are a very talented team. We just have to stay with it and stay positive."

DONUT 2: The 2-5 record without Dirk is a reality, one that I can twist and turn and spin by noting the level of quality represented by victors like San Antonio, OKC and Orlando ...

But let's acknowledge Life Without Dirk for what is, not a doom-and-gloom for 2011 or even a doom-and-gloom for the future ... but instead for an appreciation of the past, present and future (inasmuch as The UberMan isn't going anyway for a long time):

THIS is what you get when you "blow it up.'' You get losses. You get a smattering of hometown hoots. You get calls for desperate trades. You get calls for "at least playing the kids.'' And the next thing you know, that call is answered, and on the floor for the final three minutes of the game are 'Lex, Ian and DoJo.

And you end up learning to like that -- because you're an MFFL and you've got to milk some good from your experience ... and then you are in blow-in-up mode and the next thing you know you're the Timberwolves.

So I'll repeat my GM'ing mantra: If you've got a Dirk, you never let him go. If you've got a chance, you never let go of that chance. You must build from the high level a Dirk gives you ... not voluntarily lower yourself from that high level.

Fate (or bad drafts, or mismanaged finances) might cause a team to tumble off into the gutter. But it's suicidal to voluntarily do so.

Let that be the end of "Blow It Up'' talk ... for this month, anyway.

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DONUT 4: What sort of Mavericks stuff do you get with's Mavs Premium coverage, by the way?

I thought you might enjoy hearing from Big Wood, who doesn't do much with the media ... but after handling himself well in the wrasslin' match in the 117-107 loss to Dwight Howard's Magic, also handled himself well behind the microphone and in front of the camera.

Among the highlights: "When I was with Eddie Jordan, that was the only shot I was allowed to take," said Big Wood while discussing the hookshots he made last night.

Our exclusive coverage of Mavs-Magic is loaded with stuff like that.

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DONUT 5: While the Mavs were struggling to find a consistent scorer last night in downtown Dallas (outside of DeShawn, and I cannot believe I'm saying that), down on the farm the Joe Alexander kid was lighting it up for the Legends. A member of the Legends staff was updating me in the late going of Magic-Mavs, and the final Joe A. update: 29 points, four assists and 10 rebounds.

I can tell you that the Mavs have discussed the idea of a Joe A. call-up. But I can't find anybody in the personnel dept. who thinks the idea is an especially urgent one.

DONUT 6: Good for the Seahawks. You win your division, you deserve to be in the playoffs and you deserve a home game. Coop and I both talked about this last night on ESPN Radio, and then argued about it off the air for a while. Coop thinks regular-season record should matter enough that the Saints shouldn't have to travel to play a 7-9 team. I think the difference between the Saints and the Seahawks is about three bad bounces of the ball -- and in fact that's the difference between all but a few of the teams in the NFL -- and so if you're really that superior, New Orleans ... 10.5-points superior, according to Vegas ... go do your thing.

They aren't that superior. Nobody in the NFL really is.

So congrats, Seahawks. ... for not completely sucking.

DONUT 7: I think rock-star LeBron calling himself and team "The Heatles'' is funny. So let's keep casting.

So LeBron is John? And Wade, he's the cute one, Paul?

Which forces Bosh to play Ringo. Yes, Bosh is definitely Ringo.

And the departed Stackhouse, he's George Best. … Unless you consider Stuart Sutcliffe to be "The Fifth Beatle,'' in which case he might be Heat-coach-turned-Magic-enemy Stan Van Gundy.

But with Van Gundy's anger for those "punks,'' maybe he's an aging Sinatra?

The Mavs always beat the Heat, so to borrow a line from one of The 75-Member Staffers on Twitter, Dallas is Mark David Cha … no, forget that one. Too soon.

Michael Jordan remains the model for individual stardom within a team's championship success. So MJ is Chuck Berry.

And in a critical supporting role – or non-supportive, if you will -- who plays Yoko Ono? Mike Miller's got the hair for the job.

DONUT 8: Well, Tyson Chandler loves his t-shirt from the Store.


"Yeah, I think it's funny,'' said Chandler, who helped introduce the idea of the "Chandler's Heart-and-Soul Food'' t-shirt. "I'll be wearing it around.'' You can do the same. Check it out at the Store!

DONUT 9: I hear your calls for some Premium stuff on Dallas and Steven Jackson. We're working on it from three different angles … highlighted by Kammrath's MAVNALYSIS piece. Stay tuned.

DONUT 10: Andrew Luck is staying at Stanford rather than turning pro – and probably becoming the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft.

It's a neat story – I don't even have to actually read the story to know that his reasons include "wanting to finish what he started,'' "wanting to get the full college experience'' and "wanting to spend as much time as possible being a kid with his buddies.''

But I guess I'm a cold-hard-facts sort of father. Because I'm telling my kid to grab the brass ring of the NFL. Will being the No. 1 pick always be there? Not necessarily. Will next year's pick owner be better than Carolina? Not necessarily. Is Stanford going to win the national championship next year? Not necessarily.

Maybe it's just that I'm a pro guy and not a college guy, and I want to see him NOW.

Or maybe it's just that I wish my Vikings could draft him.

DONUT 11: Our man "Signandtrade'' (not his real name!) on Boards has assembled a Possible Trade Guy List. … it might not be completely complete … but it's a solid tool for us to keep in our pockets as we plow forward to Feb. 24, I think.

DONUT 12: Lakers forward Lamar Odom is married to Khloe Kardashian of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami." Here comes more TV, because this is what you do when you are a Laker and/or a Kardashian.

Ryan Seacrest will begin filming soon on "Khloe and Lamar," a new E! series about the lanky lovebirds, and Lamar insists this will never be a distraction.

Which is clearly true, right, Dave Campo's "Hard Knocks'' Cowboys?

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