Dirk Vs. Drunk: Monday Morning Mavs Donuts

So Dirk Nowitzki is visiting with some high-school kids. And he's heckled by a drunk. Does Dirk have a snappy comeback? There's only one way to find out: Check DB.com's exclusive video in Donuts!

DONUT 1: This is premium Premium Mavs stuff you are about to sample … call it an appetizer to the Dirk Nowitzki main course video that you will have access to in a bit.

DallasBasketball.com, hanging out with Dirk the other night, was allowed to check out his AAC visit with a group of high school kids … and one over-served Mavs fan:

So yeah. The UberMan speaks to kids, speaks in German, speaks about handball, tennis,soccer and his "decent'' career in Dallas … and Dirk talks soccer, discusses his "decent" career in Dallas, and offers up some "sobering'' advice to a guy who has had a few too many.

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DONUT 2: Dallas likes Devin. We always knew that. And Devin was always prominently included in Nets trade talks. DB.com always knew that, too. Today, the Mavs are not involved in 'Melo talks for 'Melo, but our David Lord breaks down how they can be both a "facilitator'' and a "winner'' in his "Amateur GM'' piece for Mavs Premium members.

DONUT 3: How about Memphis card sharp O.J. Mayo in a Mavs trade? Worth more investigation (on my part and on the Mavs, I think). But at this point, it appears that if the Grizzlies are ready to give up on him, they'll want more than just cap relief.


If they want a young budding star? Dallas has one. And that … you what THAT is … ain't happening.

Personally, I think Memphis should trade O.J. Mayo for Phil Helmuth.

DONUT 4: When the Nuggets feel a little cold feet/tight wallets on this ‘Melo transaction moving forward, should they call Dallas about taking Al Harrington?

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DONUT 6: So if Colts coach Jim Caldwell needs to meet with the boss in order to keep his job, does he first phone Peyton Manning's receptionist, or can he just walk right in?

DONUT 7: I'm sorry to have to break this news to Mavericks fans … but while you get Prof. Carter's help to decide whether you are a "good Mavs fan'' or a "bad Mavs fan,'' know this:

Your team did not exhibit a "lack of a killer instinct'' in the Saturday loss to Orlando in which it led by 16 in the first half but then trailed by 20.

Your team exhibited an inability of a Dirk-less team to be superior over the course of 48 minutes to a Dwight-full team.

Your team lost because without Dirk (and without Caron), your team isn't as good as Dwight Howard's team.



DONUT 8: I hung out at a high-school bowling tournament on Sunday (I'm a sports lover! … Oh, plus my son Tony is on a team) and I made a keen social observation:

A full 80 percent of the kids there had their hair cut in that tight, long, swoopy, form-fitting helmet style made popular by Justin Bieber.

The other 20 percent were the girls.

DONUT 9: Sasha on a 10-day? We talk about it because we are DallasBasketball.com and Sasha on a 10-day matters to us. So our Michael Dugat breaks down the Sasha thing.

But the difference between Sasha and his predecessor is so small that I'm nicknaming the new guy "Sasha PavNovak.''

DONUT 10: Rex Ryan has a foot fetish.


His three favorite feet, in descending order:

3. His wife's lefty.

2. His wife's righty.

1. Nick Folk's righty.

DONUT 11: Very important video from the Mavs coaching wing here:

That's right, sucker. You've been Rick (Carlisle) Rolled.

DONUT 12: More Mavs stuff to come throughout the day, as always on DB.com … now go mix in a water.

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