Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts: Tyson Vs. Dirk

Tyson takes on Dirk ... Sasha's 'Quote of the Week' ... I've got Mavs-at-Pacers on FS Southwest tonite (and Carlisle won't be watching) ... What's the 'Opposition Viewpoint' from Indy? ... Kammrath checks in on Devin ... Cool videos with Kidd and Coop ... Donuts!

DONUT 1: Dirk vs. T.Y. ... and The Step-Ladder?

Nowitzki was asked on Twitter, "Can you dunk on Tyson Chandler?'' Dirk responded that he could. And has. "I did in practice a couple weeks ago,'' he said.

Chandler's playful response: "You have never dunked on me in your life! You couldn't dunk on me with a running start and a step ladder to jump off of!

Me? I'd take Dirk tonight in Indy. ... with a brace, one leg, a step-ladder, whatever. Latest word on that? It's right here.

DONUT 2: Jason Kidd prepares for the road trip ... By scoreboard-watching? By having Lionel Richie on the brain?

DONUT 3: What a great quote from Sasha Pavlovic on the ups and downs of being an NBA fringe player.

"This is a tough league to be in,'' Sasha says, "and it's even tougher to stay in.''

The first thing Rick Carlisle told Sasha when he rolled into town on his 10-day contract is to be unafraid to step into those 3-pointers. Good advice for Pavlovic, who can do that … and the standard advice Rick gives everyone around here (from JJB to DeShawn to, apparently, ‘Lex.)

Rick also says, "(Sasha) started in the NBA Finals (with Cleveland) and that's pretty significant. He's been a solid player in this league for a lot of years and he's only 27 years old. We felt like he was the best available guy to fit our system at this time."

I'm not going to get to fired up here. This remains pretty Von Wafery to me. But Mavs at Indy tonight and we'll give it a look.

DONUT 4: Speaking of Mavs-at-Pacers: I'm scheduled to join Ro Blackman on the FS Southwest pre- and postgame coverage, with Bob and Mark in the middle … all beginning at 5:30.

DONUT 5: One more TV note:

The other night in a pregame talk to the media, Carlisle addressed his time at home watching a Mavs road game, on FS Southwest. He was kind enough to call out a bunch of us (Ro, Mark, Bob, etc.) in a positive way for our work on the telecast.

He mentioned me, too, and yeah, it was like getting an apple from the teacher, you know?

Later, I thanked him for the mention and referred back to the year he spent doing TV.

"Hey, it's not like ‘Carlisle on ESPN' was,'' I said, "but it's the best I got.''

Responded Rick: "Carlisle on ESPN isn't much to aspire to! Mike, you're setting your goals too low!''

DONUT 6: Just some of the In-Case-You-Missed-‘Em Stuff from this week on Dirk deals with a drunk heckler, the video snippet.

Premium Dirk Video as he speaks to the kids ... and then delivers his "Mix In A Water'' quip.

MDug on Sasha.

The Mavs Practice Report before leaving for Indy.

How Dallas can get involved in the 'Melo deal - featuring Devin Harris.

D-Lord on Devin AND Harrington (with a pinch of Tayshaun).

Dig in! Hope you enjoy it!

DONUT 7: A Chuck Cooperstein question ... answered! What's in his Little Blue Book?

We had a blast doing this. I hope you enjoy it, too!

DONUT 8: The excitable Mike Bacsik hosts the Mavs Podcast here ... with me as his sidekick. Listen in at noon today and every Wednesday! Today? Earl K. Sneed of joins us live from Mavs practice in Indiana!

DONUT 9: What's the Mavs' Opposition Viewpoint''? Let's take the enemy's pulse in the Pacers media.

DONUT 10: Thanks to our man David Teel, who does a terrific job helping readers with their sports-and-technology needs … their game-room ideas … their Game Havens thoughts … Guys like him and Ryan Robertson of, with their personal touch, make all the difference. And I keep getting feedback from you how much you appreciate them.

Thanks, fellas.

DONUT 11: Kammrath checks in to note on the idea of Devin-to-Dallas:

"If this is in fact a true option for the Mavs (giving up only Caron or Roddy B and extras to get Devin), it is in my estimation easily the best possible second-tier move they could make – "second-tier'' meaning "non-Melo'' and non-CP3.'' Devin had a 21.6 PER two years ago and is right around 20 this year. To grab a player of that caliber would be a phenomenal move for the Mavs. The prospect of this move is leaps and bounds more exciting than any other of the more possible moves that have been circulating.''


DONUT 12: I submitted to the Jury the idea that Cuban's "Boy-Toy'' label for Phil Jackson was motivated not by anger or hate but rather as a promotion of a rivalry (potential rivalry?) and was in fact, all-in-all, good-natured.

Nice to see Jeanie Buss agrees with me as she tweets her photo of Phil … cutely referring to him as … yes … her Boy Toy.

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