Practice All-Access No Dirk, Raw Roddy B

What sort of access can provide? All-Access – even to Mavs practice! We begin with a Dirk update and take you through the drills, the quotes, the videos, the highlights, the quotes … the works! Raw Roddy B video! A one-on-one with Sasha! And why does everybody suddenly have beards? Let's see how you like it ... with All-Access to your Mavs!

NO DIRK AT WORK: The short answer got on Dirk Nowitzki's sprained knee and his availability for Wednesday's game at Indiana?

The UberMan did not take part in practice with the team Tuesday, said a brief "hello'' to, and exited the AAC basement court after doing only sideline work and some jump-shooting.

Nowitzki spent part of the afternoon and is expected to travel with the team for a road trip that begins with the Pacers on Wednesday.
Assuming Dirk is out, that'll be eight straight games missed since injuring his knee on Dec. 27 at OKC.

Meanwhile, Dirk's mentor, Holger Geschwindner, is saying that Nowitzki might be ready by next weekend – and that Dirk's knee is not "damaged.''

That's good overall news … but could conceivably mean Dirk will also miss the Friday game at San Antonio.

HEAR-YE! HEAR-YE! RAW RODDY: He's jumping. He's moving. He's goofing off.

Here's plenty of raw footage … pretend it's like FM radio used to be and just let it play in the background while you enjoy it … And it starts with D.A.'s call of "Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye!'' and a shooting contest ...

Beaubois' end-of-practice work consisted of 3-point marksmanship, observed under the watchful eyes of assistant Darrell Armstrong, teammate Jason Kidd and JJ Barea, who looked on from the top of the staircase.

"Do you have 10 straight in you?'' JJB challenged Roddy B. "You don't have 10 straight in you, do you?''

Roddy B didn't respond to the taunts, but D.A. did.

"J.J., you didn't have five straight in you,'' said Armstrong, who'd earlier supervised a similar drill with Barea.

Beaubois missed a few of his final shots, which Kidd chided him for.

"I'm sorry,'' said Roddy to Kidd.

"Aw, I'm just joking,'' Jason replied in a whisper. "You did great. Keep it up. Way to work.''

The Mavs aren't saying much more ... but at least you get to see it for your own eyes. As's Kevin Brolan writes:

"This is like raw footage of the rarely seen Bigfoot ... only it's Soon-to-Be-Non-BrokeFoot. ... He is out there. I saw it. Believe!''

HOCKEY BEARDS?': While the Mavs worked out in the basement court, the NHL Dallas Stars were on the main stage with a skatearound in preparation for a Tuesday night game. (And the building was COLD)!

"It is cold, inside and out!'' Shawn Marion said.

One accidental Mavs-Stars bond: A bunch of the Mavs are now letting their beards grow out.

Playoff beards!

Kidd's is filling in. Newcomer Sasha Pavlovic comes to town bearded. Tyson Chandler is growing thick facial hair. JJB's is thick and dark.

Even Roddy B appears to be trying to grow some facial hair.

Failing. But trying.

COACHSPEAK: Coach Carlisle is not willing to entertain Dirk questions ( staffer Kevin Brolan notes that because most Mavs try to avoid the topic, it is left to stand-up guy Kidd to be the Dirk-related PR boss ... and in Wednesday Donuts, we'll let you in on some Kidd Vid). But the coach did speak generically about a couple of topics.

We should note: Before and after the official press conference – during which Rick kinda has his game-face on – he is perfectly friendly and cordial while making small talk with me and whomever.

But you get to see the game-face Rick there. ... and when he mentions that he enjoys playing the Pacers (meaning because he used to coach there and appreciates the folks) he might also add that he's 9-3 when coaching against his old club.

MARION ON SASHA AND ON THE ROAD: Shawn Marion thinks it might take "three or four days'' for newcomer Sasha Pavlovic to pick up the Mavs system … and talks about packing for cold-weather NBA cities … kicks around Auburn-Oregon …

Shawn Marion, holding court. Always worth a read. And at, a look and listen.

HOT TYSON: As the fellas were leaving the court, Jason Terry shouted out some unnecessary travel instructions to Tyson Chander.

"Pack warm clothes,'' Jet yelled.

T.Y. is already hot, though; he's shooting 81.3 percent (39-of-48 FGs) from the floor over his last 10 games.

SASHA QUOTE OF THE DAY: From Sasha Pavlovic, in a one-on-one Video Visit you'll see only here on

"I know I've played in tough games,'' he says. "Obviously starting in the Finals. I know how it works.''

Let's kick some stray balls out of the way and see how Sasha works the English in our visit …

I guess we all think of Sasha as a scorer because he was good for about nine points per in his heyday (heyyear?) with Cleveland. Overall, in his seven-year NBA career, his averages are 5.5 points, 1.9 rebounds, 1.0 assists and 16.5 minutes in 452 career games and 127 starts.

I'm keeping my expectations at the 10-day level, OK?

MAVSELLANEOUS: DoJo and JJB both put in extensive work with D.A. from the free-throw line. … The Mavs guards focuses on an offensive pick-and-roll drill that calls for the ball-handler to come off the pick and then shoot his own shot. PGs Kidd and Barea were the centerpieces there. .. Dallas is 12-2 on the road and 4-1 vs. Eastern teams. ... DeShawn is averaging 19.3 points per game over his last four. ... In this series, the Mavs have taken the two most recent matchups in Indiana and have defeated the Pacers four out of the last five times on the road ... We'll have full coverage of Mavs-Pacers on, of course, and I'm also scheduled to co-host the FS Southwest pre- and postgame shows as part of the Mavs telecast team beginning at 5:30 Wednesday at we kick around Dallas (26-10) at Indiana(14-20).

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