The Fantasy/Reality Of Devin In Donuts

Ro Blackman helps me wrap up Mavs-Pacers ... Is Devin-to-Dallas a fantasy? A reality? Both? ... I'm popping on 105.3 The Fan with Newy at 10 this morning ... What's this "karma'' crap? ... These Donuts come with sprinkles!

DONUT 1: Devin to Dallas? It's worth fans kicking around. It's worth David Lord analyzing from the Amateur GM perspective. It's worth me reporting that the Mavs still think of Milkface as "one of us.''

And it's worth contemplating here … in regard to now Harris (possibly on the move from New Jersey in any ‘Melo deal but certain not to have a final landing spot in Denver) would fit if he boomerangs to Dallas.

*As a 2-guard? This team uses Jet and JJB as 2-guards. Heck, Dallas sometimes uses Jet and JJB and Kidd together! Yeah, Devin could be a 2-guard.


*As an offensively creative wing? It's a Mavs need, and he'd be as "creative'' as they come – his aggressiveness to the rim a plus, his jump-shooting still not so much.

*As a waterbug defender? They don't come much better. Imagine Kidd no longer having to ever cover Russell Westbrook!

*As Kidd's heir at the point? The Roddy B Point Guard Experiment would end. Devin would be Kidd's backup PG now, would over the course of the next two years seep up Kidd's minutes there … and would eventually be teamed with Roddy B in the starting backcourt, a backcourt that would prove that lightning DOES strike twice in the same place.

*As a mix in "Chemistry Vibe''? Hey, he's One of Us!

*As a pacifier for fans? Yessir, because JJB would no longer play a key role in Dallas … would lessen the reliance on Jet (to handle the ball, pass the ball and more) … and would effectively end the Kidd-vs.-Devin debate …

Because it'd be Kidd-AND-Devin.

Is this all a fantasy? Kinda. Before any trade talks come to fruition, most of them are. But it's a fantasy founded in some very compelling realities.

DONUT 2: I always say that when a team is in the middle of trying to pull off a move, it's unfair to judge the move by its eventual results … that at this moment, we can only judge the team on "the execution of its plan.''

And in that regard, the Nets get a nice grade from me.

The fact that NJ is a loser now is immaterial. There is a vision there: Lopez + ‘Melo + ‘Melo buddy (and fellow Leon Rose client) Chris Paul … all together someday.

Toss in there Rip and Travis Outlaw and Avery has himself the makings of a powerhouse.

DONUT 3: So, what went wrong in last night's 102-89 failure at Indiana?

To the FS Southwest posgame show!

DONUT 4: I know we (and certainly Chancellor Stern) live in a Blinded-by-the-Heat NBA world. I know the Commish suffers from PTLeBS. (Post-Traumatic LeBron Stress Syndrome.)But you know this Amare-Calls-Melo story?

Smile Back in the olden days, when Stern used to make people like Mark Cuban play by the rules, that sort of thing used to be called 'tampering.'

DONUT 5: LeBron calls Cleveland's monster loss to LAL "karma" and it's a funny thing about self-absorbed humans: We always think 'bad karma' only happens to somebody else.

MY success is earned. My failure isn't fair.

Your success? Luck! Your failure? Deserved.

DONUT 6: Three great ways to stay in touch with what the heck is going on around here: Boards, Mavs coverage on Twitter, and Friending Fish on Facebook. Come say hi. I seem nice.

DONUT 7: Sturm notes that the Cowboys' firing of receivers coach Ray Sherman would suggest that Jason Garrett really is (maybe) in charge at Valley Ranch.

Either that or Jerry Jones' "job interview'' of Sherman for the top job really was the Rooney Rule sham we all knew it to be.

DONUT 8: Oh, wait. The Heatles lost to the Clippers? LeBron was right. Karma IS a bitch.

DONUT 9: Marcia says to me, "You know that old goat in the Super Bowl/Visa commercials who says he's missed weddings, funerals and babies being born because he doesn't want to miss a game?''

"Yeah?'' I say.

"Trust me,'' she says, "when I tell you he lives very much alone.''

DONUT 10: Make sure you dig into locker-room talk, after every game, in QUOTEBOARD, sponsored by A beauty from last night:

"We're all professionals,'' Kidd says. "We're a veteran ballclub. There's no one panicking, we've just got to play until he comes back. The bigger picture is it will just make us a better team when he does get back because we're getting a lot of shots that are contested, and when he's on the floor, we get wide-open looks." -Jason KiddSmile

DONUT 11: Are you Caught up on some of the stuff from this week on Premium coverage of Mavs-at-Pacers.

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DONUT 13: From Prof. Carter:

"It's been so cold outside, I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.''

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