The Mavs-at-Pacers Postgame Quoteboard

A cold night in Indy. But some hot access to what the Mavs are saying about the game in QUOTEBOARD!

Pacers take it in Indianapolis, 102-89, thrilling the socks off the five thousand or so brave souls who made it to Conseco Fieldhouse in one piece. A lot of things haven't been going right the past couple of weeks. Excuses or reasons? Whatever they're called, they're piling up faster than Dallas can plow them out of the way.


In spite of trying -- tonight Ajinca started at power forward and Terry came off the bench -- having trouble finding the right combinations?
"We've got to make sure that we're dipping into all of our resources, we're giving everybody a shot and we're making sure we know what we have here as a team." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Taking possessions too lightly?
"Right now, for us, the key word is ‘precise.' We just have to be so precise with everything we do. For instance, we only have 12 turnovers, but it leads to 14 points. And that's a huge number. So, everything that happens, every possession is precious at both ends of the floor. And we've just got to keep pushing." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Not hungry enough for those fifty-fifty balls?
"We were this close to getting one rebound and getting out on the break. But they get a longer fingernail on it than we do and they get the ball back." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Lapses in focus?

"The thing is, when shots aren't falling, we can't allow that kind of frustration to carry over defensively." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Fourth-quarter meltdown? Indiana outscored Dallas 25-20 in the last twelve . . .
"Other nights, I would have been hesitant to shoot the ball. Tonight, I just wanted to play with confidence. I know within myself, if I play with confidence, I'll start getting into a flow, and that's what happened tonight." -Paul George

Just outplayed . . . by the Pacers?
"We couldn't make shots when we needed it, and on the other side, we couldn't get stops when we needed it. The Pacers made shots. They moved the ball and they got but scores when they needed them, especially in the fourth quarter." -Jason Kidd

"Granger's an All-Star, their bigs are really good and solid and they are going to get better, and their wing players -- they ripped us tonight. And their point guards are good, too." -Coach Rick Carlisle

No UberMan (and no guarantees when/if the team will get him back)?
"I'm not answering any Dirk questions. We don't have Dirk, so it's not a topic that's worth discussion. We've got to win with the guys we have." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"We're all professionals. We're a veteran ballclub. There's no one panicking, we've just got to play until he comes back. The bigger picture is it will just make us a better team when he does get back because we're getting a lot of shots that are contested, and when he's on the floor, we get wide-open looks." -Jason Kidd

"I don't even know what to tell you. It was fine going straight up and down. We'll see what happens." – Dirk.

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