Quoteboard: 'I'm Really Close' - Dirk

This was not a game, this was a hardwood horror flick. San Antonio had a 24-point lead after three and the rest was garbage time. Final, Spurs 101, Mavs 89 and the best thing about the night was a positive report from Dirk … which is going to be the best thing about this Quoteboard, too:

Is Dirk ready to Work?

"I'm actually really close. For the first time this morning, I actually did some contact stuff. This whole time before, we did mostly non-contact stuff, mostly cardio and, so I'm getting closer. I don't know which game exactly. We've got a game (Saturday) and we've got a game Monday, so hopefully on this trip.'' – Dirk Nowitzki

Detailed breakdowns really not necessary . . .
"A lot of things went wrong. The first three quarters were very difficult. We're playing a great team that is playing extremely well, and we just got outplayed. There's not much more to say than that." -Coach Rick Carlisle

A valid point . . .
"I think if you lose two star players off any team, they're going to go through the stretch we're going through. This isn't anything anybody else in the league wouldn't go through." -Tyson Chandler

That valid point's flip side . . .
"They didn't have Dirk and we took advantage of it . . . We got lucky the last two games because he didn't play." -Tony Parker

"Every advantage you get, you want to take." -Tim Duncan

About Dominique Jones and his intriguing 13-point night . . .
"The one thing I know is he's ready . . . He's putting the time in, he's showing improvement, and he gave us some juice in the fourth quarter. He's going to keep working-- he showed that he's getting better tonight.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I think I did OK, and I think I can play a lot better. I'm never satisfied with what I do." -Dominique Jones

Is the bigger boat on the way? Finally?
"We'll see . . . (Dirk) worked out very hard. We've got to see how he feels . . . We can't mess with that, so that's kind of where we are.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle


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