DB.com Mavs Get-Together: Sat., Feb. 5

It's time for the biggest DB.com Mavs Party ever! We're staging a Road-Game Get-Together for Saturday, Feb. 5 at ThreeSheets in Dallas, and we've got a eight great reasons you need to join The 75-Member Staff at the Mavs-at-Bobcats party!

1. Our parties are semi-legendary, but this location is going to make it special: Historic setting … gigantic TVs … patio fireplaces … drink specials … all at ThreeSheets , located at 3113 Ross Avenue Ross, right off 75 and not far from the AAC.

2. Some of the biggest brains in the Mavs media will be there, watching the game with you and discussing trades and whistles and dribbles and rumors and Mavs.

3. ThreeSheets cooks up the best hand-made pizza in town … right there next to the legendary bar … and DB.com has arranged for you to get a pizza during the first half of the game for half-price … that's $5 for hand-made pizza!

4. First whole bunch o' DB.com readers who come on in get a FREE UberMan t-shirt (while they last, of course … but Marcia is bringin' a bunch!)


5. You'll get a chance to win FREE Mavs tickets courtesy of DB.com and MavCowTickets.com!

6. The ThreeSheets DB.com Mavs Road Game Get-Together starts at 5:45, with the tip at 6 … that gives you plenty of time to come early and stay late. The ThreeSheets crowd will grow into the night (for you young people) and yet you can still get home in time to watch the news (for you old-timers).

7. Hot rumor: Fish is buying a round of shots for DB.commers at 6:45 p.m. So get there ... Save this: THREE SHEETS IS LOCATED ON THE NORTH SIDE OF ROSS AVENUE IN BETWEEN CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY AND HALL STREET! Get there! ... (Here's Directions to ThreeSheets)

8. Fish and Bacsik and D-Lord and Dugat and huge TVs and a cool setting and fun folks, plus ticket and merchandise giveaways, FREE UberMan t-shirts, drink specials, $5 pizza and Mavs-at-Bobcats all starting at 5:45 on Saturday, Feb. 5 … the ThreeSheets DB.com Mavs Road-Game Get-Together! Feel free to sign in or RSVP on on our Facebook Party Page ... Join the party!


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