A Win Over Lakers, A Trip To Chicago: Donuts!

Thursday Morning Mavs Donuts. Jubilation in MavsNation ... All in one night, a monster win over the Lakers, a let-go-do-it-again test tonight in Chicago, and some very real 'Melo-to-the-Mavs buzz ...

DONUT 1: No shortage of storylines down at the AAC all day and all night on Wednesday.

Good thing I've got a cot down there.

The Dallas Mavericks have beaten the Lakers before (not that it wasn't a 109-100 blast, and we've got the All-Access Pass here, complete with Video Visits with Marion, Carlisle, Chandler and unlikely hero Sasha.)

But the 'Melodrama? That's so unprecedented that it's the top story, agreed?

Yes, it's the top story. And how the Nets' "nyet'' affects Dallas and Anthony? You should read it.


DONUT 2: Be aware of what's being said ... and what's being said between the lines ... by involved officials regarding the 'Melo movement.

Mavs GM Donnie Nelson: That's what we're evaluating. It's been hard to figure out what our hand looks like when we're so banged up, and some guys not playing real well right now. Once that settles down we'll have a better idea what the future holds.''

Mavs owner Mark Cuban: "I don't think it was ever there,'' Cuban said last night of a Nuggets-Nets pairing, adding that while he wouldn't talk specifically about another team's player, he is not opposed in general to the Rent-a-Player concept.

Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri: The Nuggets have been in talks "with plenty of teams'' regarding a ‘Melo trade.

There are evaluations. There are discussions. There are options.

DONUT 3: It's easy to forget this, that the players are human, that they aren't just "the laundry'' and they aren't just "cartoon characters on my TV set.''

I've expressed both those views in regard to the way I watch sports. Think about it: When you watch your NFL highlights and there is a "Jacked-Up'' moment, you first enjoy it for it's Wile E. Coyote content. Maybe later, when they cart the poor bastard off the field nearly in two pieces you consider him a human, but once he's OK again?

You look forward to the Road Runner luring him into a another spectacular collision again.

So a tip o' the cap to JJB. I wondered why he was so scarce as recent Mavs workouts and now we know: He flew back into Dallas at 3 p.m. yesterday after attending his the funeral of his grandfather back in Puerto Rico.

They aren't just laundry. And they aren't just cartoon characters.

DONUT 4: Thanks to all of you "Lakers fans'' who showed up at the AAC last night to cheer on "your team.''

Can I presume you will also be wearing your brand-new team jerseys during Super Bowl weekend -- and that you haven't yet purchased the brand-new team jersey of your favorite club because you don't yet know which team is going to be in the Super Bowl?

DONUT 5: I pride myself on having a grasp of the Dallas Sports Social Scene, and so I understand the warm welcome fans gave Emmitt Smith last night, and Tony Dorsett as well.

But why were there boos for Tony Romo and fiancee Candice Crawford? What, exactly, did Romo do wrong except break his shoulder and fall in love? What are we booing him for?

DONUT 6: So you're a big Mavs fan, eh?

Dress like it. Ro's Reunion Rowdies shirt is at your service.

DONUT 7: How to stay in touch with your DB.com Mavericks stuff?

* DB.com Boards

* DB.com Mavs coverage on Twitter

* Friending Fish on Facebook.

Come say hi. Hey, we're all in this together, right?

DONUT 8: A can't-miss McKinney Dentist.com Quoteboard, highlighted by this gem:

Regarding Tyson Chandler , who stayed in the game despite being sick . . .


"He was puking in the locker room at the end of the first half. At that point we weren't sure if he was going to go any more, but he really gave us an emotional and spiritual lift." -Coach Rick Carlisle

DONUT 9: So NOW you're in the mood to party! It'll be Super Bowl Weekend in Dallas on Feb. 5, and I have a way to keep you in the mood:

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DONUT 10: The SA paper recently relayed a press-row visit with Mavericks scout Greg Dreiling as he watched the Spurs play at Minnesota.

"Oh, man,' Dreiling gushed. 'I know about our rivalry, and all that, but I'd pay to watch those guys play.''

It pains me to concede this. But let's do it: What is it – besides uncanny good health – that the Spurs are doing so right? What aspect of that program needs to be properly mimicked here so the Mavs can march into Chicago tonight and show the consistency to do again what was just accomplished against the Lakers?

Dang it. I can't believe I just wrote that.

DONUT 11: Thanks for the faith you are putting in me and in DallasBasketball.com by becoming a Mavs Premium Member. The 75-Member Staff is working 24 hours a day (I mean that literally) to maintain your trust and keep you informed. We think the dime-a-day deal is a heckuva bargain … gets you Inside the Mavs, gets you free goodies like Mavs tickets and autographed merchandise, gets you all the Premium content on hundreds of other FoxSports sites, and gets you access to Mavs Premium Forum, where the experts kick around ideas with you.

Again … thank you.

DONUT 12: I do not believe that Shawn Marion is madly in love with the idea of coming off the bench -- even while being promoted as "one of our TWO sixth men,'' as Carlisle says. I believe 'Trix thinks it's a little wacky that Sasha is starting ... with a broken nose, a 10-day contract and a limited understanding of the playbook ... while he, Marion, sits. (Sasha, by the way, officially got his second 10-day this morning.)

But Shawn, you scored 22. You were a second-wave go-to guy and a pivotal weapon in keeping Kobe from killing your team. Carlisle was right. It worked.

"Role acceptance,'' my man. Role acceptance.

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