What're Mavs/Lakers Talkin' About? Quoteboard

It was a nationally televised game. But around here, we are more intimate than that. So let's go into the Mavs and Lakers locker rooms and get cozy. McKinneyDentist.com Quoteboard!

And the fanbase rejoices. In front of a packed and glittery home crowd the Mavericks put away the fully healthy and not back-to-backing Los Angeles Lakers 109-100. Large chunk of thanks is owed to Mavs temp Sasha Pavlovic -- started and contributed a nice 11 points, and allowed Terry and Marion to come off the bench and score 22 points each. Add the Lakers leaving Kidd alone to drill threes, and there's your win. Wasn't perfect -- there's a lot of improvement to be had when a team scores 52 points inside and shoots 54% -- but it was enough.

Let's see what's shaking. Quoteboard:

On finally snapping the losing streak . . .
"I think the big thing was realizing and assessing the situation and then aggressively attacking from the beginning. Tonight we came into this game with all 12 guys suited up and ready to play. Guys got after it on both ends of the floor and played hard and it just happened to be against the World Champions." -Jason Terry

Lineup surprise -- starting at small forward, number 7, Sasha Pavlovic . .
"Ya I was surprised a little bit, but I didn't really think too much about it right after that because it would be worse for me. I was just focused on the game so I could play as hard as I can." -Sasha Pavlovic

"I just had a feeling Pavlovic could give us something as a starter, and he showed some things that he hadn't showed so far. In fairness, this is probably the first big-time opporunity he's gotten since he's been here. He's coming off a broken nose -- he probably got it re-broken on that first play -- and he hung in there and played a hell of a game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Regarding Tyson Chandler , who stayed in the game despite being sick . . .
"He was puking in the locker room at the end of the first half. At that point we weren't sure if he was going to go any more, but he really gave us an emotional and spiritual lift." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"That was a big scare for us, because you're like, Here we go again, another guy's going down.' But you know, we saw Tyson at halftime and he was feeling a little bit better and then the performance he had out there in the second half just lifted us up." -Jason Terry

"I thought Chandler's defense was good. In the second half he did some things; Kobe had to negotiate with him when he was trying to score." -Coach Phil Jackson

"I want my presence to be out there."
-Tyson Chandler

On bringing Jason Terry and Shawn Marion off the bench . . .
"I felt that we played our best as a team when those two guys were in that roles. We don't have a sixth man, we have two sixth men, really. Those two guys come in the game the same time virtually every night, and they complement each other." -Coach Rick Carlisle

About the Laker's defense, which allowed Dallas to shoot 55% and nail 9 threes . . .
"We gave them some easy looks and they shot such a high percentage from the field because of our lack of defense and defensive recognition. We just didn't do a good job of that" -Kobe Bryant

"We didn't cut off the baseline, and had guys rotating; we were just playing lazy . . . And then we turned the ball over a lot to start the 3rd quarter and they just made us pay" -Andrew Bynum

' Jason Kidd the shooter' no longer a contradiction in terms?
"They all feel good. They're either long or short, and they haven't gone in. But the life of a shooter, as I'm learning, is you've got to keep shooting. And that's what I'm planning on doing and see if I can make a couple." -Jason Kidd

"J-Kidd was aggressive and he was going to be aggressive. The thing I love about his game is there were a couple of shots that didn't go down, but he just stayed with it and just kept after it." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On getting and keeping a good thing going . . .
"It was a great win for us. We needed this one. We were consistent on both ends of the floor. Everybody has their lulls, their ups and downs. There ain't never been a perfect season. No one has every won every game. Every good team has turmoil. It's just a matter or getting through it and getting yourself ready for the postseason." -Shawn Marion

"We did it once, let's do it twice in a row. Then let's do it again. Doing it from time to time won't change things." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Time to hire in the temp? The Organization did offer him another 10-day contract . . .

"I'm just happy to stay here." -Sasha Pavlovic


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