Afternoon Drive: Mavs-Bulls, Peja-Ajinca

The Bulls without Boozer. The Mavs dealing for Peja. Goodbye, 'Lex!? Jet's boast. And a ‘Melo mystery! Super Bowl tickets available right now, handed right to you? Mavs Afternoon Drive delivers a few quickie thoughts to occupy you to Mavs-at-Bulls tipoff:

*No Carlos Boozer tonight for the Bulls? He's questionable (ankle). No Joakim Noah? He's definitely out (thumb). Quite a burden on Derrick Rose to carry a good Chicago club (28-14 to the Dallas Mavericks' 27-14) that lost to Charlotte last night …. At the same time the Mavs were beating the Lakers. It's a 7 p.m. start time tonight, by the way.

*Peja Stojakovic getting a buyout and coming from the end of the Raptors bench? This is Steiny-Mo's baby. Intriguing … but as excited as the Mavs are to cut a deal -- reportedly involving moving Alexis Ajinca to Toronto in what would officially be a seperate transaction -- I'd sure like to see if he's healthy. ‘Cuz he pretty much never is.

Peja isn't Peja anymore; his three-time All-Star days are well behind him. But as a 3-point specialist on the wing? Hey, this is a team that is starting 10-day temp Sasha Pavlovic at that spot. So worth a go ...

Almost as compelling to me going into this buyout story: Why wasn't Toronto hanging onto him for just 34 more days in hopes of getting something in trade? What's their hurry?

Remember this about the Ajinca departure: He's free this summer. He's buddies with Roddy B and Ian and others in the front office. I bet he'll be back.
*How much you wanna bet that the Nets and ‘Melo (or his peeps) DID have a meeting (if not in person than by Skype or whatever) … and that only AFTER Anthony informed the Nets that he didn't like them did Prokhorov THEN announce that it was he who didn't like THEM?

There's much more to this story here, and it's a David Lord theory that I'm buying: Prokhorov's emotion came into play for a reason. … and at the end it has the appearance of a guy insisting that his girlfriend didn't dump him because he had already dumped her.

Obviously, another part to the 'Melo story is what Dallas is going to do about it.

*Super Bowl tickets are tough to get ... But if you deal with Ryan's HREF="">MavCowTickets supervision of the process right here … my man will take first-class and personal care of you. Give him a shout!

*Jason Terry's customary over-prediction was placed in the hopper while he was on live national TV last night after the win over the Lakers, so I didn't see it then.

I suppose you did, but just in case …

"All teams go through tough times,'' Jet said. "We're going to grow from this. At the end, we'll be the last team standing.''

If this were anybody else on the team or in the organization, I'd put it in Jimmy Johnsonesque three-inch headlines.

But it's Jet. Saying it again. So it goes down here at the bottom.

OK. You just killed two minutes. Is it time for tipoff yet?

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