A Roddy B Deadline & More Melo Offers: Donuts

In a way, there IS a Roddy B timetable ... What can the Rockets offer for 'Melo and is it better than what Dallas can offer? ... Let's get off the Mavs' back on Dirk - but let's stay on Dirk's knee ... Monday Morning Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: There is a "timetable of sorts'' for the return of Rodrigue Beaubois to the Dallas Mavericks.

Speaking of Roddy B …

"There's no timetable -- it's when he's good and ready and when the doctor gives us the thumbs-up,'' Mavs GM Donnie Nelson says. "But hopefully, (Beaubois' return is) not too far down the line.''

Ah, but wait.

We talked to Mark Cuban the other day and "down the line,'' he agrees, damn-sure better come well in advance of the NBA trade deadline of Feb. 24. … because they need to see what they have, and Roddy B's got to be on the floor to demonstrate that.

So there IS a "timetable,'' in a way.

Donnie, Cuban, Dirk and Carlisle have all begun campaigning – it a manner that seems quite coordinated – to lower the bar of expectations for what Roddy B will do when he's free.

"Roddy's a sophomore,'' Donnie says. "Sophomores make mistake. He's got a big upside and a big future. He provides some athletic punch. But it's not like he's going to show up in a white cape and turn everything around. He's a young player with a lot of upside, and we miss him. But …''

"But'' my butt.

Dallas doesn't need a "white-cape'' guy. (By the way, Donnie, what superhero is it who wears a "white cape''? SuperNurse?) Dallas DOES need a rotation player, and maybe even a starting 2-guard, who can create on the wing and guard lightning bugs PGs. Dallas does need a penetrator and finisher who can score in double-figures on a regular basis. Dallas does need a way to take some burden off Dirk as a singular weapon, off Kidd as a minutes-eater and off JJB in general.

That's what Roddy B was supposed to be. That's all they need him to be.

And it needs to all begin happening under the pressure of a deadline. The Feb. 24 deadline.

DONUT 2: These are all opinions. So I get to have mine and you get to have yours and ultimately, as 'Melo's employer, the Nuggets will get to have the only one that matters. But down in Houston, they say that the Rockets' offer will look something like: the expiring contract of Yao Ming, another vet, Jordan Hill or Chase Budinger, plus some picks.

Does that put Houston ahead of what Dallas will offer?


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DONUT 4: I'm a Vikings fan.

So I really needed Sunday's NFC Championship Game between the Bears and the Packers to be some sort of unprecedented double-forfeit.

DONUT 5: So you're a big MFFL, eh? Dress like it. "The UberMan,'' "Reunion Rowdies'' and "FREE RODDY B'' are all at your service.

DONUT 6: In Chicago's win on Thursday, the Bulls had their biggest quarter of the night in the fourth and outscored Dallas 26-17 for the win.

Afterwards, Tyson Chandler said, "Things were clicking down the stretch. Normally, when we get in a game that's close down the stretch we pull those out, because we execute so well ...''

There's a danger here, one not unlike the "Jet's a fourth-quarter guy'' trap.

You cannot wait until the final quarter, hoping your habitual superior execution is going to win the day. That's really an insult, in an accidental way, to the possibility of somebody like Derrick Rose doing some of his own "executing.''

Next thing you know, you're the one getting executed.

Yet of course, naturally, having thought that post-Chicago, superior late-game execution was EXACTLY the tool used to beat New Jersey.

DONUT 7: How did Brendan Haywood's name make it into the Miami paper this week in alignment with Mavs-Heat trade talk?

It reads like this:


One NBA general manager who spoke to the Heat said, ``Their centers aren't good enough and if they could find an upgrade, they would do it.'' But he said no decent centers are being shopped, and even if Miami could pry one, ``they don't have the draft picks or assets to get it done, beyond Mike Miller. He has value around the league but he's LeBron James' guy. They don't have the salary room structure to trade for Brendan Haywood who would help.''

Dear Reader, that doesn't even begin to make sense. None of it.

Indeed, if I may brag on The 75-Member Staff: The existence of Mavs-related coverage like that, even in mainstream newspapers, is why hundreds of people are joining Mavs Premium Membership. It's a dime-a-day, it strips away the junk, it's information and analysis gleaned from actual insights and actual conversations with the Mavs themselves … and along with it comes access to hundreds of other FOX sites and the Premium content of your favorite college, MLB and NFL teams.

Two promises to you:

One, we work hard every day to earn your trust, your faith and your dime.

Two, if we ever fabricate a story about Brendan Haywood and a Mavs-Heat trade, I will personally refund your dime.

What we will do ... I repeat ... is cover today's Mavs practice (with, I assume, Peja in attendance) like a blanket. Stay tuned.

DONUT 8: A quick clarification, for those wondering, about Dirk Nowitzki and his sprained knee and his readiness:

This is the same organization that is taking GREAT care to not rush back Roddy B because as Donnie says, "the future of the franchise'' is at stake.

Dirk is also the "future of the franchise.'' Far more so than Roddy B, really. And Dirk is the "present of the franchise'' as well.

"I just gotta get my legs under me and just work my way back into it,'' Dirk said earlier in the week. "It's probably gonna take a few more games but it's improving."

Those are the words of somebody who is working through something, voluntarily, under the guidance of his team and his doctors and his trainers and his own "feel.''

No one is forcing Dirk to do this; that would be franchise suicide. Logic says there is no danger in doing this, either.

There is discomfort but that is a necessary evil.

Hey, right now, Dirk's knee isn't the only thing causing discomfort around here, you know?

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DONUT 10: Note to the NFL as it regards two mouthy teams in the Jets and the Steelers:

Your fans LOVE trash talk. How do you not know this?

DONUT 11: I want one more stab at this Dirk's-health thing.

From The UberMan: "I don't know what's going on. I'm running in quicksand. I can't make a move. I've got no legs.''

Is that a sign of serious trouble, or even risk, Rick Carlisle?

"If things keep going in a positive way -- which we can see no reason that they won't -- another two, three, four games, the hope is that he'll be back to where he was with his health and conditioning,'' Rick said. "That's what we're all looking forward to.''

So it's a conditioning issue, is all, I trust.

DONUT 12: We wrap up the trip to New Jersey with every insulting joke I can think of regarding Kim Kardashian, Snooki and John Amos. ... and Ro Blackman and Ric Renner play along on the Mavs postgame show on FS Southwest:

DONUT 13: While we lick our Mavericks wounds over a tough patch (five straight roadie losses before beating the Nets!), remember that this is part of what we all signed on for as fans. It Sucks. And It's Sports.

It can be a brutal business, for them and for us. How brutal? Check the NFL, where in the end, the lordly Patriots advanced exactly as far as the lowly Seahawks did.


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