Mavs Over Nets, And You Vote On 'The Dirkie'

We're results-oriented here, and an ugly win is always greater than a pretty loss. Which Mav is the fairest of them all? What say you, experts?

In the dictionary under 'Ugly, as applied to Basketball Games,' you find tonight's game in Newark. The whistles were twittering like birds on a power line, Dallas couldn't hit the ground if they tripped, and the bounces and rolls just weren't boucing and rolling the Mavericks' way . . . until the end. Well the Dirkie's a beautiful thing, but -- thank God -- it's not awarded for aesthetics.
    Player of the Game, Dallas Mavericks 87, Nets 86 ... Vote here!

Tyson Chandler -- 19 points, 3 steals, monsterousness

Dirk Nowitzki -- bad shooting, yet clutch

Jose Juan Barea -- three-point awfulness fading

Shawn Marion -- 11 rebounds, 2 steals

Ian Mahinmi -- backup middle monster

Jason Kidd -- eight assists and three steals

Jason Terry -- 11 points, double-draw

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