The Locker-Room Talk, Mav-Nets: Quoteboard

The Mavs ended a five-game road game losing streak with a Saturday win in New Jersey ... but that doesn't mean we all weren't strapped to the Wheel of Pain while watching it. Let's listen to the fellas while they spin around in Quoteboard!

Another evening chained to the Wheel of Pain. This time, the results are better. The offense wasn't there, but eleven steals and ten more made free throws can do a lot to make up for missing offense. Down one, with the ball and twenty seconds left; the Mavs have been here before and know where to go. Ball to Nowitzki, pause, dribble, spin, shoot . . . and it rolled down. Game saved, 87-86.


On such an unproductive night on offense, how did the Dallas Mavericks pull this off?

"You know what? Defense. We stuck with our defense. We were struggling offensively but we were scrappy. Some nights you gotta get wins like this." -Tyson Chandler

Regarding Tyson Chandler and his nineteen efficient points . . .

"I wanted to get out aggressive early . . . I wanted to make a point of getting out and running tonight and they found me early on." -Tyson Chandler

About Dallas's final possession . . .

"It was probably one of the best looks I had all night; in the paint, a 5, 6 footer. The up-and-under is usually my shot, but even that one almost rolled out." -Dirk Nowitzki

As the ball rolled around the rim . . .

"Since I can't jump that high, I wanted to take a broomstick and punch it out." -Avery Johnson

"It hit every part of the rim and went in." -Brook Lopez

About New Jersey's final possession . . .

"I think it (the inbound pass) threw our timing off a little bit, but it didn't affect the play. We got what we wanted. I just have to make the play." -Devin Harris

"That was a key point in the game; that put us over the hump. Jason Kidd did an excellent job of denying . . . I think that kind of took them out of the play that they really wanted to run." -Tyson Chandler

On the decision of where to put the ball for the last shot. . .

"When it comes down to it, there is really only one place to go in that situation. I loved the way Barea came through down the stretch, but to put the ball in his hands in that situation was probably not fair to him. Look, Dirk delivered. I know he wasn't shooting the ball well but I felt the matchup was good and he would get a clean look." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Checking in with Dirk's legs -- he played tonight without a sleeve . . .

"I don't know what's going on. I'm running in quicksand. I can't make a move. I've got no legs. Even the last one really didn't want to go in. It kind of rolled out there." -Dirk Nowitzki

"If things keep going in a positive way -- which we can see no reason that they won't -- another two, three, four games, the hope is that he'll be back to where he was with his health and conditioning. That's what we're all looking forward to." -Coach Rick Carlisle

Speaking of health, how's Tyson feeling?

"I feel a lot better. Today was the first day I felt normal, like myself, in the past week or so . . . My lungs felt better and I had a little more energy." -Tyson Chandler

An owner-relations side note, or a visit with Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov . . .

"He's ballsy, he's smart, he does it his way and doesn't give a [bleep] what other people think and doesn't mind [bleep] with people. That's a perfect combination. I told him we'd get along great." -Mark Cuban

On finally getting a road win, after losing five straight . . .

"It's big. It's big for us 'cause we just want to get back to winning ways, get back to playing winning basketball. Any win that you can get right now when you've been struggling is a positive." -Tyson Chandler

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