'Due Excitement' Over Melo, Clips-Mavs Donuts

Tuesday Morning Mavs Donuts: We've got an analytical eye on 'Melo, we've got a camera's eye for your All-Access Practice and we've got a watchful eye on Blake Griffin and the visiting Clippers ... Time to make the Donuts!

DONUT 1: Can I do what I'm about to do without starting undue excitement … but instead "due excitement''?

Our David Lord dropped this packet of thoughts back on Dec. 17 for Premium Mavs Members in the Mavs Forum:

"Although you guys keep ignoring this, I'll say it one more time because I think this is the Mavs' thinking:

"If the Melo-to-NJ trade doesn't go down, the Mavs' total focus will become Melo. And while they can't say it or even whisper it to the Stein's and Fish's of the world, from the little hints I see on all sides, they truly think they've got the best shot to land him if he declines to sign with NJ and they may be right."

Were the Dallas Mavericks trying to fly under the media radar back then? Sure. But we wrote it in August and we wrote it on Dec. 14 when we came right out and said it:

The Mavs are continuing to touch base with the Nuggets on Denver.

We wrote it because we knew it.

And we're staying after it because "it'' remains a possibility … and a less-remote one when we first suggested it months ago with sourced information.

So let's don't give it "undue attention.'' But DB.com will continue to give it its "due attention.''

DONUT 2: Coming up today at our All-Access Mavs Shootaround Report: You'll see video of what the guys do when they're goofing around ... Plus we check out what Blake Griffin is up to ... Want to see how this works at DB.com? Click on the Monday All-Access Pass to Practice and give it a look ... and then Go Premium and get Inside the Mavs!

DONUT 3: DB.com's Michael Dugat chips in with an observation on Charlotte's Capt. Jack …

"Stephen Jackson, a favorite for many Mavs fans, entered the weekend having hit under 50 percent of his shot attempts in 11 straight games, had not hit over 43 percent of his shots for a year since the 2006-07 season, has had only had a 3-point percentage above 33.8 once in the last five seasons, and has never had a PER over 16.1.''

Adds Dugat: "Not that I'm against the acquisition of Jackson (at least not completely), but for a guy who will be 33 before next season starts and has $20 million owed to him over the next two seasons (after this one) ... none of that points to him being the offensive savior many portray him as.''

By the way, if you read our Premium story on this subject, you know that the Mavs also have their reservations. I say the pursuit of Capt. Jack, if it ever really happens, will be the result of two things:

*Michael Jordan wanting to shed salary.

*Dallas being in a panicky position.

You want that first one to happen, if you are a Mavs fan. You do not want the second to occur.

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Come say hi. Hey, we're all in this together, right?

DONUT 6: Here's what I get from NBA people and the Mavs and Nene and his "list'': Intriguing.

So I'm working on it.

DONUT 7: More David Lord on more ‘Melo thoughts, these regarding whether the Rockets are truly in the mix:

"I don't see Dallas and Houston as being in the same boat in terms of their pursuits of ‘Melo. Why would the Rox would trade something worth having -- from what I think is a very thin-on-talent roster -- for a rental?

The facts:

a) Right now they're not even a playoff-caliber team, entering the week at 20-25 and in 11th place in the West, and b) ‘Melo almost certainly couldn't be persuaded to re-sign on a going-nowhere team (with no disrespect to Houston!) … the same problem that eliminated NJ from the sweepstakes.

The Mavs are in a completely different category since they're already a top tier team when healthy, and after a trade they'd have (at the minimum) a formidable nucleus of Chandler-Dirk-Marion-Kidd that ‘Melo would be improving.

And it's also very relevant to note that GMs around the league see Dallas as a team with a shot at a title this year if they landed ‘Melo. That note not only speaks to the value of a rental, but it also explains why the Mavs would have a legit chance that he might want to re-sign. In a league where "Superteams are gathering, a Dirk-Melo superstar tandem, with the rest of that supporting cast, can compete with the LAs, OKCs, SAs, MIAs, BOS's, and so on for titles.

I don't hear similar buzz about Houston at all … or about what I suppose would be termed a ‘Melo-Martin tandem. … and I doubt it exists anywhere.

To me, you don't lump Dallas and Houston into the same category regarding ‘Melo. They are two teams with very different issues and rationale in this matter.

DONUT 8: Jason Terry is "The Jet Who Cried Wolf.''

"All teams go through tough times,'' Jet said in the celebratory mood that came after last week's win over the Lakers. "We're going to grow from this. At the end, we'll be the last team standing.''

And then by gosh, 24 hours later, the Mavs weren't even the last team standing in Chicago after opposing the Bulls' one-man team.

We'll take you inside Mavs-Clippers tonight, 7:30 tip ... with an All-Access Pass ... but before that, we're at Shootaround (what's Blake Griffin up to at practice today?), we're going 1-on-1 with Ian Mahinmi, we're chasing Mavs trade gossip ... stay tuned!

DONUT 9: Another 'Melo take, this one from Danny Granger, the budding star in Indiana:

"The grass isn't always greener on the other side," said Granger, who signed a five-year, $60 million extension with the Pacers in 2008. "New York is a bigger market. (Anthony) would have a chance for more exposure, but how much more exposure do you really need? Everybody knows who Carmelo Anthony is, you know what I'm saying? Everybody knows who Kevin Durant is and he's in Oklahoma City."

"He's on the brink of (damaging his reputation), because of all the media and all the circus around him. It could backfire on you just like it did LeBron. It totally backfired on him. You've got to be careful what you wish for ... because it might not always be exactly what you want."

"It doesn't matter (where you play) nowadays, because you've got TV, you've got (NBA) League Pass, you've got games being played in China," Granger said. "Everybody knows who we are. I think if your team is winning, you're going to get recognition. I don't care what city you're in. That's the way it is in our day and age.

"That's why (he doesn't understand) the draw of New York or LA. You might think there's going to be a lot of celebrities in LA or whatever. But other than that, if you're winning (people know you)."

Smart kid, that Granger. Doesn't sound like he's ready to beg his way out of Indy -- too bad! -- but smart kid.

DONUT 10: Who wants to play Madden with us?

DONUT 11: I very much appreciate your support of DallasBasketball.com. I'm proud of our relation with the team and with our audience. Proud of what we built together. And hope you'll have faith in me and The 75-Member Staff to provide you with Mavericks info, news, views, quips, tips and fun … that justifies 10 cents a day.



DONUT 12: One more time, swish this idea around for a moment:

We know that the Nets said "nyet.'' But do we really think that the Nets and ‘Melo (or his peeps) didn't have a "meeting'' (of whatever sort) … and that only AFTER Anthony informed the Nets that he didn't like them did Prokhorov THEN announce that it was he who didn't like THEM?

It's a David Lord theory that I'm buying: Prokhorov's emotion came into play for a reason. … and at the end it has the appearance of a guy insisting that his girlfriend didn't dump him because he had already dumped her.

Which brings us back to the Mavs.

Does Cuban need to "have a meeting'' to have a meeting?


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