Sports-And-Technology at Game Havens

After having a Tyson week of my own, feeling like crap and losing three pounds doing wind sprints to the bathroom, I decided to ease my way back into the workplace by picking up an Xbox 360 controller and teaching myself to play Madden 11. Hey, I own a gaming/audio-video company, so it's work!

My first thought was that I could learn the game in a couple of weeks and enter into the upcoming Game Havens Madden 11 Super Tournament on January 30 in Dallas. A week later, I'm still trying to figure out how to kick a damn field goal. I'm also learning you can't make Brett Favre scramble to save his life, that you should always fair-catch as a Vikings punt returner, and Bernard Berrian can't catch a football in Madden 11 or in real life. I was also reminded that the Vikings don't have a secondary, so I have resolved to blitzing on every play.

While I should probably take Favre's cue and send in my Madden 11 retirement papers, there will be plenty of players at the sponsored Madden 11 Super Tournament this Sunday. It's at noon at The HUB Sports Bar and Grill on Beltline in Dallas (close to Addison) and the entry is FREE. There are still spots left in the bracket, so if you want to sign up, go to the Game Havens Facebook page or e-mail me (, and we'll get you in the game. Smile Can't wait to give away the Madden 11 Super Prize Pack!

In the meanwhile, I have to put down the Xbox controller and go design a game room for Ryan Robertson from MavCowTickets (another incredible Game Havens sponsor, who will be giving some Mavs Tickets at the tournament). Stay tuned to hear the fun stuff we put together for his game room and if I'll decide to pick up NBA 2K11 and see if there is a playing-sick-like-Chandler mode.

Hey, come check us out at Game Havens ... We'd love to help you in any way we can!

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