Fish Radio, Dirk's Pastry, We're No. 1 Donuts

Dirk eats pastry. Cuban says we're No. 1. A secret behind Haywood's struggles. Dirk vs. Jet math. It's Donuts!

DONUT 1: "Those buns weren't big enough.''

Dirk, just don't hurt your wrist while hoisting those buns, OK?

DONUT 2: Greggo is under the weather today, so I'm sitting in on 105.3 The Fan as Richie Whitt's co-host for RAGE from 2-to-7 p.m. I'm excited, nervous and guzzling Red Bull. Join me and Listen Live to 105.3 The Fan!

DONUT 3: For the second time in two weeks, Mark Cuban has been asked by a media throng about the possibility of the Mavs playing a playoff game at Cowboys Stadium.


The Mavs owner continues to provide open-minded (and, I suppose, open-to-revenue) answers while also mentioning that he sees no sense in playing any regular-season games there.

But let me explain in short why playoffs games at Cowboys Stadium are suicide missions:

You will have forfeited assured home-court advantage.

The notion is exciting … heck, it'd be like a basketball Super Bowl! (Without the snow!) Think of how big the place will be! Think of the revenue! Think of the crowd!

But …

Think of how impersonal it might be. Think of how non-Mavs fans might make it in. Think of how many people might not be able to afford to show up. And think of how "home-court advantage'' might be lost in a stadium that isn't really the Mavs' home court.

Cuban will pursue another NBA All-Star Game, and I assume that will be for Cowboys Stadium. But beyond that? I don't want to play playoff games there unless I've already played a bunch of regular-season games there.

So not only should we not hold our breath here … it's the other way around. We should hope that the desire for "bigger'' DOESN'T overtake common sense.

DONUT 4: Some incredible news regarding and your participation as part of The 75-Member Staff: As if this moment, we have more unique visitors and pageviews than we've ever had, and this week is the No. 1 site in new subscribers in the entire FOX network! That's quite a feat as it means we've topped the sites of the Super Bowl participant Packers and Steelers as well as any college football site – even in the middle of National Signing Day. … We're No. 1!

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DONUT 5: Oh, good times. Doesn't Mavs training camp seem like it was a skillion months ago? Here's KentATM of The 75-Member Staff filming Media Day for back in September. See if you can spot the far-too-humble-to-be-videographed Michael Dugat!

DONUT 6: Must we endure the mood-spoilers reporting that it's "only X number of days ‘til pitchers and catchers report''? The thing about baseball is, it's only X number of says ‘til pitchers and catchers report and then 162 games after that, they'll still be reporting.

Give baseball its deserved rest, OK? It's not its turn. Plus, the Super Bowl is over.

So it's now officially Mavericks Season!

DONUT 7: So you're a big MFFL, eh? Here's how to stay in touch:

* Boards

* Mavs coverage on Twitter

* Friending Fish on Facebook.

DONUT 8: "So Cameron Diaz, John Madden, Joe Buck, George W. Bush and A-Rod walk into a bar ...''

DONUT 9: Tony Cubes tells Dan Patrick why he'd not like to be NBA commissioner:

"No. I don't have the personality,'' Cuban said. "I don't have the patience. I am not a fan of compromise. David does a really good job of dealing with all of the different personalities, being able to find compromise, being able to find a happy medium, and that is just not me… I think he does a great job actually. If someone like me came in and said something I would be like, 'Are you an idiot?' The commissioner can't just say that.''


DONUT 10: A monster hit at the Mavs Get-Together last weekend at ThreeSheets? "The UberMan'' and the "Reunion Rowdies'' t-shirts from the Store. Yes, they are get-able! Visit the Store!

DONUT 11: Our David Lord believes that part of Brendan Haywood's lack of overall production this season can be tied to one very specific thing. David?

I think an overlooked-but-significant factor in the sag has been due to him inexplicably losing the ability to make a reasonable percent of free throws. Fix that, and he'd probably be closer to last year and would play more minutes. But Rick has to keep him out of games after the Mavs are in the bonus, because instead of shooting 62 percent as he did last season (and about the same over his career), he's making 36 percent and the Mavs have to deal with Hack-a-Wood. And if you can't make a free throw, you don't try to draw them like you otherwise might.

This "avoid Hack-a-Wood" part of the rotation has been missed by mainstream media folks. Against Washington, Haywood got yanked after less than a minute of play and the announcers speculated it was due to some sort of bad play by Haywood, when instead it was because the Mavs were in the bonus and the Wiz had gone straight to fouling Haywood.

So he Rick sat Haywood for the rest of the quarter (another 1:30 or so) and then Carlisle put him back in when the next quarter started and the Mavs weren't in the bonus anymore.

This isn't a defense of Big Wood's poor overall play. It's just an explanation for it. The free throws are missed … Rick can't therefore play him in certain situations … Brendan's confidence sinks … and therefore Big Wood's confidence sinks further …

DONUT 12: When Dirk passed the 22,000 point threshold last week at New York, he said, "Really? I didn't even know that!''


I believe that.

When Jason Terry eclipsed the 15,000 point mark in the next game in Boston, Jet tried to pull the same act. He also claimed to have no prior knowledge of the big, round number.

I find that more difficult to believe. I sort of picture Jet as our version of Pete Rose, standing in the on-deck circle using his bat to draw in the dirt, doing the math on what his batting average is going to be if he gets a hit in his upcoming at-bat.

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