Who Deserves 'Dirkie' For Mavs 112, LAC 105?

The Mavericks didn't start out of the gate very well. Not very well at all. The Blake Show hit the hardwood and knocked the good guys to the canvas. But Dallas got to its feet for a 112-105 win on Tuesday ... which means some Player of the Game is going to earn himself a 'Dirkie' - and it's up to you to vote!

As a great man (actually it was Rocky Balboa) said, it's not how hard you hit, it's how hard you get hit. Dallas regained their feet and pounded the newly relevent Clippers into the ground like tent pegs. To the finest goes the gold, in handsome Dirkie form.

Vote and be noted!

    Player of the Game, Mavericks v. Clippers - Vote here!

JJ Barea -- 25 points and pain in Baron's beard

Jason Terry -- 28 points, flying high

Tyson Chandler -- 21 points, one-man offense early on

Brendan Haywood -- dirty work on Blake Griffin

Ian Mahinmi -- more dirty work on Blake Griffin

Shawn Marion -- slam, jam, 10 points

Dirk Nowitzki -- took a while, but got it going

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