Friday Donuts: Are Mavs A 'Really Good Team'?

The secret of Tyson's success ... With Sasha about up, should Joe Alexander be about up? ... Behind Enemy Lines with those damn Spurs ... So, are the Mavs truly a "really good team'' or not? It's Donuts!

DONUT 1: T.Y.'s last three games: 19 points against Lopez and the Nets. Then 21 points against Blake Griffin and the Clips. And then last night, in Dallas' 111-106 win, an almost predictable 21 points against the diminutive Rockets.

"I'm just getting in a rhythm," said Tyson Chandler, who is now a 9.9/9.1 guy.

Ah, but it's more than that. Two more things than that, actually.

First, Dallas is back to running plays for him.

Early in the season, the Mavs' first option in their secondary break was to flip the ball to Chandler in the high post and let the offense flow from there. Dallas has gotten away from that ... but has apparently found another chapter in the playbook that allows for Chandler to serve as an offensive option.

"Coach is giving me more plays and more looks and I'm having the opportunities,'' Chandler said.

Secondly, the kid can't miss. Oh, it makes sense that he's not missing dunks and the high-percentage shots that make up the "heart-and-soul'' of his game. ... and hes 17-of-24 from the floor in the three games.

But on top of that, he's making free throws like never before. He's 27-of-29 from the line in the three games, which has pushed him to 79 percent for the season ... this from a guy who is a career 62-percent shooter and has four times in his 10 NBA seasons before coming to Dallas shoot in the 50's four times.

So it's a combination of things. Dallas needs him as a weapon. He's getting a few plays called for him. Maybe the "Shot Doc,'' staffer Gary Boren, is getting through to him. And ...

"Tyson Chandler is playing like an All-Star,'' teammate Jason Terry said. "He IS an All-Star.''

(P.S.: In answer t your next question: Yes. That t-shirt Tyson is holding is the "Chandler's Heart-and-Soul Food'' shirt that he ordered up himself from The Store. And you can do the same!

DONUT 2: Interesting Dallas/Frisco nugget bouncing back and forth up 75 last night: Sasha's second 10-day contract is set to expire this weekend. After a guy's signed two, he either needs to be signed (well, paid) for the full remainder of the season or released.


So, how ready is Peja, whose presence could make Sasha unnecessary? And/or who is waiting in the wings of Sasha is let go?

And here's your mini-scoop to hint at an answer: Twenty days ago, before settling on Sasha, the Mavs took a hard look at Frisco's D-League star Joe Alexander. (Check out his exploits here, courtesy of the chronicling of's Kevin Brolan). I mean, a tryout, the whole thing.

At that time, it was determined that Joe A.'s perimeter game wouldn't be of enough help.

So he was close. And could be close again.

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DONUT 5: My Spurs spy – embedded Behind Enemy Lines down south – guides us through a trio of SA observations:

*Top draft choice James Anderson, who early this season broke the "Roddy B bone" in his right foot, is back in action. He played a D-League game on Wednesday night, and then he'll be back up with Spurs in early February.

Oh to be a quick healer!

*We talk about how Dallas has gone stretches without three top guys, Dirk, Caron and Roddy B. Here's how close any team is to The Tipping Point:

Spurs fans breathed a major sigh of relief when Duncan walked off and played again after lying on the floor grimacing and holding his left knee in Golden State.

Imagine the Spurs without Duncan for a season? Or even for nine games?

The "height-challenged" Spurs can ill-afford to lose Duncan. In a way, they could much more easily survive an injury to Manu or Parker. (But heck, imagine them without those two guys, too.) Without Duncan, they'd be left with Blair, McDyess and Splitter (That Bonner Character is out with a knee problem he developed in the last Mavs-Spurs game). No wonder Pop is so carefully managing Duncan's minutes. … and no wonder the Mavs' season teetered on Dirk's knee.

The Spurs are beginning their annual "Rodeo Road Trip" and in years past, this is the trip that "brings this team together." With as well as they've played so far, that's a scary thought. … and if you are a fan of the Mavs or Lakers or whomever in the West, you hope that being on the road is actually the NBA negative it is supposed to be.

DONUT 6: Among the highlights of Thursday's Mavs Quoteboard:

"There's no question he's not even close to being Dirk Nowitzki. We've got to keep getting wins and giving him some time." -JJ Barea

DONUT 7: Is is warm yet?

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DONUT 8: I had the following 1-on-1 exchange with Roddy B last night.

Me: Can you run?

Roddy B: "Yes, I can run.''

Me: Can you jump?

Roddy B: "Yes, I can jump.''

Me: Can you cut?

Roddy B: "Yes, I can cut.''

Me: Maybe next week?

Roddy B: "Yes, maybe next week.''

Hey, folks, I know it's not "Frost/Nixon.'' But it's the best I've got.

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DONUT 10: The Mavs had a 25-point lead that in the final minute was cut to one. That's only good for one thing: Our ratings on FS Southwest!


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DONUT 13: Buried in our exhaustive coverage of Mavs-Rockets is what might be the "nut quote'' of the week ... maybe even the season. From Carlisle: "Look, we've got a really good team here. We've just to work at continuing to get better.''

Chew on that. Are they "really good''? Is "more work'' enough? Is this CoachSpeak, or "We Love Our Boys In Blue'' or, at 30-15, is it kinda true?

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