Mavs 111, Rox 106: Who Deserves The Dirkie?

A big lead. A big lead almost lost. And in the end, a big win ... and a 'Dirkie' trophy to give away for Player of the Game. C'mon in and vote!

Phew! Dallas got caught back on their heels a bit after a this-is-just-too-easy first quarter. The Rockets, poster boys for fighting through adversity, just refused to go away. In the end, Dallas hit the free-throws they needed to and Houston didn't get the threes they needed. There's the door and what's your hurry, 111-106. For the fist that slammed the door, we have a trophy.

Whose fist gets the trophy, y'all?

Player of the Game, Dallas Mavericks v. Rockets ... Vote here!

Jose Juan Barea -- 19 points, 4 dimes, biiiiiig balls

Tyson Chandler -- man-sized double-double

Sasha Pavlovic -- contract-day phenomenon?

Shawn Marion -- 10 points and 6 rebounds

Jason Kidd -- 11 point and 10 assist double-double

Ian Mahimni -- a wall for Rockets to run into

Dirk Nowitzki -- 18 and quiet, should we be concerned?

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