Roddy B Q-&-A: Mavs 'Can Do Great Things'

Late last week, Roddy Beaubois spoke candidly with Pascal Giberne of about his injury, his year with the Mavs, and more. Here's our translation of the French-language interview.

The Rodrigue Beaubois Q-and-A ... (the original interview is at

How are you? When will you be back (to play)?
I'm doing better. I still don't know when I'll return, but if everything goes like it appears, I should be able to return (to play) next month. Beyond that, I'm not sure if it will be the beginning, middle or end of the month.
When you hurt yourself with the French team last summer, the talk was that you were a month or a month and a half away (from returning to play). Now it's January and you still aren't playing. Was there a misdiagnosis?
The French team told me a month and a half. Dallas then made me aware that this type of injury typically requires two to three months (before playing again). Eventually it was healed, and we no longer saw any injury on the MRI. But after doing some exercise, a small crack showed up. The second injury is taking longer to heal so it's annoying, but that's life.
How did you get hurt with the French team?
Actually I felt a pain in the early summer, but I didn't know what it was. It would go away and come back, so I ignored it and kept playing. I didn't feel any continuous pain, it just came and went; I probably should have been more concerned. Then, one day during a workout, I was running and changed direction and it was suddenly bad. A big pain, I never had pain like that.
How are you handling not playing? Especially when the team isn't playing well?
It's hard. At first I just thought I'd miss training camp, and my goal was to return by the start of the season. But making a minor move, there was the new injury, unfortunately. I probably took things too quickly; I was going very slowly but once again on making a change of direction, I hurt it again. It is rare. Obviously it hurt not to start the season, and I thought that my healing would be faster, but instead it's been slower than the original one. It's hard. It's hard. But in recent weeks, I've started to run a little. It feels like it's all coming back: for two months I've only been able to bike, but now I can run, jump, shoot, all the little things, it's nice.
What kind of physiotherapy are you using to speed up your recovery?
I carry a machine that sends electrical impulses to the foot when I walk and when I sleep. And once a day, another machine sends me stronger signals. We're trying any solution we can find to help me come back as soon as possible.
The same exercises? Or new ones?
I'm doing straight lines, but (when it comes to) movement (and) changes of directions, I'd don't go all out (he does not hesitate to gently dunk off two feet and then one foot).
In a month you'll be back on the court?
There's no date, that's just my personal opinion. After everything that's happened, I don't want to set a date. It's not completely healed, even if we see that there's progress. ... (EDIT): On an MRI two or three days ago, it didn't look fully healed yet.
Do you take calcium supplements to speed healing?
Yes I am taking calcium …vitamins … we're trying everything.
Does the medical staff talk about these things with you? Do you know where you are (in the rehab process)?
Yes, I'm informed. But this kind of injury simply takes time. I agreed to have a screw inserted during my surgery this summer, because it was supposed to accelerate the healing, but the crack has always still been there.
You must have lost a lot of muscle tone and muscle mass. What can you do to stay in shape while still exercising caution?
I'm lifting weights, doing exercises, stationary bike, cycling with resistance exercises in the pool, underwater exercises. I run on the carpet.
Once you get the green light from the doctors, do you think it will be quick for you to get back into top shape?
Right now I'm not pushing it too much, but I think it will. (He touches his heart) The heart is the hardest, but it will come. Physically I feel fine. Generally I can maintain my fitness by doing the little (that I'm doing).
Do you still feel like a member of the team during these times?
It's like a small family here. It's a good group. Everyone talks to everyone. When they see I've wandered off in my thoughts, they come talk with me or joke. It helps a lot.
What are you able to learn by watching from the bench?
I learn different (types of things). You see what you could have done at certain times, or how some players react to things. All of them are little things, but helpful.
Blake Griffin said he had learned a lot on the bench last year ...
I think it shows! What he's doing this season, it's huge. We talk among ourselves. It's impressive. When there are highlights of LA on TV, you wonder what he'll do.
How do you explain the recent struggles for the Mavericks? Is the absence of Caron Butler hurting the team to that extent?
Dirk was already out. Then when Caron was injured, it was big because he added another 15 to 20 points per game. It's been difficult to be without both. Caron brought a physical presence, he's a big guy who could run and rebound. His absence is felt in games, it's a big loss. We had proved we could be there in big games; we have to be focused and we will get back to where we were. But we are in a difficult time (right now). It is not good.
Do you think you still have a lot of potential as a team?
We showed that with all of us (healthy) we were good. The addition of Tyson Chandler was a big plus. It's not the same right now, but we just need to get a little spark, one or two wins to get us going. With all of us (healthy) we can do great things.
What does someone like Tyson Chandler bring to the team?
Energy. On defense he's always there to help. He's the most outspoken guy on the team, and he pushes everybody. He brings the desire, and passion, and this helps us. He speaks up during time outs when we aren't playing well.
Has your injury created tension between the French national team and the Dallas front office?
Dallas expected a lot from me this year, so it hurt them for me to be injured. But I haven't discussed the French team with them

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