Mavs And Hawks Talk It Out In Quoteboard

We run around with microphones, notepads, cameras and recorders. ... oh, and the famous Megaphone ... and give you the Mavs Quoteboard!

Final score, the Dallas Mavericks 102, Atlanta 91.


An announcement from Coach . . .
"Sasha Pavlovic is not going to be with us going forward. Right after the game, I thanked him, the team thanked him, for what he's brought to us the past nineteen days. He's been an important part of us getting back on track here over the last four or five games. We appreciate what he did . . . and I'm sure he's disappointed. I'm also sure he'll hook up with someone else . . . The decision came from the top and it basically involves flexibility going forward." -Coach Rick Carlisle

And Peja Stojakovic, whom we haven't seen yet?

"It's likely that he will not go on this trip, and that he will stay here and concentrate on conditioning and the physical aspect of getting ready to play. At that point, we believe he will be more ready to step on the court for a game." -Coach Rick Carlisle

More major praise for Brendan Haywood -- 10 points, 5 rebounds, and a block . . .
"He came in and he made a world of difference. He played with great energy, he was all over the floor, he got a couple of deflections, big key stops and he made himself available. He played aggressive and it was fun to watch, to be honest with you. He was focused pre-game, he was focused during warm-ups, and when he's focused and keyed in like that he's a huge difference for us, and like I said he definitely changed the game around.'' -Tyson Chandler

"Haywood was a major factor in the fourth quarter of the game. He was a huge presence for us offensively. The little jump hook that he hit was a big shot early in the quarter. He made free throws, he got rebounds and he gave us a physical presence under the basket defensively." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I just take it one game at a time and try to move forward. I'm starting to understand what I'm asked to do out there, and I'm feeling more comfortable." -Brendan Haywood

On crossing swords with his former team and his current Sixth Man rival . . .

"It's always special going up against my former team, Atlanta, and then the Sixth Man of the Year duel. Jamal and I were chatting all game long over who would get the leg up. So it's always fun." -Jason Terry

About the ongoing return of Dirk's Uberman-ness . . .
"I just felt that his offensive flow was a lot smoother tonight. You don't go 8-for-11 in this league getting the attention he gets unless your rhythm is starting to come back. We're playing him in relatively short stretches, but he's going all-out in those stretches and that's part of the process of getting back. He gets closer and closer to getting back to where he was and it's encouraging." -Coach Rick Carlisle

"I'm going to keep working. I'm going to keep working to ultimately get there where I was. It feels better from game to game, and I'm going to keep on working, doing my stuff after practices and stay a little extra and do some extra stuff, and I'll be back to normal hopefully soon." -Dirk Nowitzki

"I can just tell in his mannerism when he starts feeling good. He starts talking crap, he gives me a hard time, and he gives everybody else a hard time. When he wasn't feeling well he was a little reserved and was sticking to himself. Right now he's starting to feel better, and you can see it.'' -Tyson Chandler

Regarding defensive inconsistency -- the Hawks shot over 60% in the first half . . .
"There were some plays where momentary losses of concentration led to untimely turnovers and fueled some of their runs. But in the second half and in the fourth quarter the group that finished the game did a great job of getting some separation.'' -Coach Rick Carlisle

A certain disdain from the bad guys -- "total control," Gracie?
"This one hurt. We had total control of the whole game, and then in the fourth quarter it got out of hand. When Coach put the starters back in the game, we couldn't get our grasp back, get back close to where we could make it a ballgame." -Joe Johnson

Speaking of, about Shawn Marion's straight-up work on Joe Johnson . . .

"I thought ‘Trix really took the challenge in the fourth on Joe Johnson. ‘Trix really got in there and forced him into some tough shots, and that really opened the game up for us." -Dirk Nowitzki

"We put Shawn Marion on Joe Johnson head up with no double-team, and he did a great job two or three times in a row. And that gave us a cushion that led to the win." -Coach Rick Carlisle

On balanced and unselfish production on offense -- as a team the Mavericks had 28 assists and seven players scored in double figures . . .
"It's about spreading it around. Offensively, guys are penetrating in and it's beautiful. Coach Carlisle told us it's a beautiful thing to watch when you see guys move the ball the way we do. He said there's probably only two teams that do it in this league, and it's us and San Antonio. It's the reason for our success." -Jason Terry

"We moved the ball well. I think that's one of the characteristics of our team; we're unselfish. When we move it good, good things happen." -Coach Rick Carlisle

That's three up and three down on the current homestand -- about number four against Washington . . .
"A boatload of celebrities are coming to party.'' -Mark Cuban

"One more game left on this homestand, so we need to take care of business Monday night." -Jason Terry

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