Team's In NY, Kidd On Chinese TV? Donuts

Wednesday Morning Mavs Donuts as the Mavs are all yours! Join now and we'll give you one month of FREE Premium Mavs Membership (use promo code SD2011 at checkout) and get Your All-Access Pass to the Mavs ... right now! Let's start with J-Kidd 'acting' in his Chinese TV commercial!

DONUT 1: Last summer, NBA stars Jason Kidd and Shane Battier and (I'm not sure who else) made the trip to China to shake hands, kiss babies, promote basketball and, apparently, line up endorsements.

Who wants to go into the Video Vault to see Jason Kidd acting in a Chinese TV commercial?

DONUT 2: Dallas Mavericks (following some snow-related travel delays) are at the 25-22 Knicks tonight on FS Southwest! My FSSW duties don't have me on TV, but I'll be chatting all night in the FS Southwest Game Lounge starting at tipoff at 6:30. Mavs and Knicks, all night on FS Southwest and on!

By the way: Maybe it's a wobbly excuse for me to note that "two potential starters'' have stayed home in Dallas to rehab. Roddy B and Peja are indeed "two potential starters.'' But given the injuries this team's had to endure, we could say the exact same thing about everybody from Sasha to Cardinal. Around here, right now, everybody is a potential starter.

DONUT 3: When you're playing around with Mavs trade ideas -- truly part of the fun of being a fan even if you "Love Our Boys In Blue,'' here's a tip that will help you prioritize who's who in terms of the thinking down at Mavs HQ:

The lower the guy's BBIQ, the less Dallas likes him. And the lower his overall IQ -- or, at least, his actions as part of a member of the NBA community and the community in general that would demonstrate a lack of intellect -- down he slides again.

This isn't an automatic. It doesn't mean there is zero chance that Dallas will discuss the talented likes of Zach Randolph or J.R. Smith or whomever. I'm just giving you a canvas on which to paint your ideas ... and helping you to make sure you don't spend too much time creating ideas based on guys who show an inability to color inside the lines.

DONUT 4: We've debuted the Mavs/ "Trade Rumor Traffic'' section this week on, where The 75-Member Staff will break news, chase news, listen to the gossip and offer analysis ... minute-by-minute as we go up to the Feb. 24 deadline. The Mavs are always involved, and now, more than ever, if you are among the many Mavs fans who are choosing to Go Premium, you are involved, too!

Yes, Corey Maggette is handled in there. Yes, Rip Hamilton is handled in there. Oh, and D-Lord's "Countdown to the Deadline,'' coming up today, is a must-read. "Trade Rumor Traffic,'' with the scoop straight from Mavs HQ!

DONUT 5: So you're a big MFFL, eh? Here's how to stay in touch:

* Boards

* Mavs coverage on Twitter

* Friending Fish on Facebook.

Oh, and then there's the best way of all: Let's all meet in person!

We want to see you this Saturday for our Super Bowl Eve/Mavs Road-Game Gathering Party? Considering the fact that there's gonna be Mavs experts, family members, dancin' girls, balloon-shaping clowns, half-price hand-made pizzas, FREE UberMan T-shirts and a couple hundred of your best friends in attendance at what the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine and WFAA-TV are all preparing to label maybe the finest sports hangout in all of Dallas .. ThreeSheets! ... you need to be there! ….

DONUT 6: Here's the condensed version of Mavs GM Donnie Nelson's answer to when I asked him about Dirk being able to go to Germany next year in the event of an NBA lockout.

"In one sense, there are no rules,'' Nelson tells me, "because in the event of a protracted labor dispute, it could be argued that there is no contract.''

We'll go into more depth on this in the coming days. But this is clearly more serious an issue that Mark Cuban's "hypothetical'' dismissal of it would have you believe.

DONUT 7: I hope you got a chance to check out's 1-on-1 visit with Josh Howard.

He was in great spirits after the game on Monday, despite not being able to play for his Wizards (who lost 102-92) due to his bum knee. He had nothing but nice things to say about the Mavs, the city of Dallas ... even me!

"Dallas will always be my home, and it still is,'' Josh told me. "I still live here. I'm going to always live here.''

And more: "My mom lives in Florida and my grandma's in North Carolina, which is also my home as long as my grandma is still kickin','' Josh told me. "But Dallas is my home. I love Dallas.''

DONUT 8: Are you up to your ears in Super Bowl yet? Here's the line I'm hearing way too much:

I've got the Packers fans sitting to the left of me telling me, "Unlike Jerry and the Cowboys, our team is run the old-fashioned way. The right way.'' And then I turn to my right and I've got the Steelers fans and those idiots are saying the same thing.

Newsflash: There IS NO RIGHT WAY. There are, in fact, 32 different ways to skin the NFL cat. If there was a THE WAY, everybody would just do it.

DONUT 9: Tyson Chandler's ankle is fine. And his dinged-up hand is fine, too. Good thing, because tonight he gets Amare.

Let's watch how much zone Dallas plays in its attempts to stop Stoudemire, the former Sun who is averaging 26.3 points on 58.6-percent shooting in his last 10 games against the Mavs. And let's watch to see if TY can stay out of foul trouble in trying to check him, which might be the biggest challenge of all.

DONUT 10: The two hottest sellers of last week in the Store? The "Reunion Rowdies'' caught and surpassed "The UberMan.'' Which do you prefer?


DONUT 11: I very much appreciate your support of I'm proud of our relation with the team and with our audience. Proud of what we built together. And hope you'll have faith in me and The 75-Member Staff to provide you with Mavericks info, news, views, quips, tips and fun … that justifies about 10 cents a day when you Go Premium!



DONUT 12: So we've got all these media stories about "100,000 prostitutes being shipped into town.''

Who does this "shipping''? Moreover, who does the "handling''?

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